A new onboarding flow and other API improvements

We released the new Onboarding API for our merchants. It makes it possible to prefill data in the dashboard’s onboarding screens for newly registered merchants and to follow their progress. Releasing this API was the last major step in our partner improvements epic. Together with other small enhancements, like pricing, enable/disable payment methods, and metadata for orders.

The Onboarding API

To replace the old and legacy Reseller API, we have to offer a replacement for the process of creating an account at Mollie. By introducing the Onboarding API, we make it possible for partners to deliver some basic data about the new merchant what we will prefill in the dashboard.

Besides submitting data is it also possible to follow the onboarding process of the merchant by getting the status of onboarding. Partners can not only get insight into the state of onboarding but also see if the merchant is able to receive payments and/or settlements.

With this API, we created a whole new onboarding flow for partners (and others) via the API. A brief overview of the new flow:

screenshot 2019-03-01 at 14.20.19

– The partner offers a Connect with Mollie button on it’s website.

– The new merchant logs in or creates a new account.

– The partners requests the onboarding status.

– The partner submits basic data.

– The partner redirects the new merchant to the Mollie Dashboard

This is the initial version of the onboarding via the API. We can expand the API in the future with, for example, a white label onboarding in the dashboard.

For more information about onboarding via the API, please see the Onboarding your customers at Mollie guide in our docs.

Enable and disable payments methods and show their pricing

We make it possible for partners to make a setting page on their platform for turning on and off payments methods we offer. With the Methods API, partners can get all the methods, and now also the pricing, we offer to the authenticated merchant. When using this in combination with the new enable and disable endpoints on the Profiles API new methods can be turned on without asking the merchant to do it in the dashboard.

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