How headless solutions are powering ecommerce’s evolution

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Headless solutions are often coined as the next stage in ecommerce's evolution. And now, two of our partners are reporting significant growth in demand for them. Shopware and commercetools say more retailers are exploring composable and frontend solutions to improve their business. They have also warned that investment in headless technologies could determine a brand's ability to survive tough economic conditions. 

Headless technologies, which raised more than €1.5 billion in funding between 2020 and 2021, allow businesses to separate the frontend of their online store from the backend systems that run their commercial and operational functions, such as shipping, payments, and security. The frontend and backend systems then communicate using APIs. This helps businesses to achieve personalised customer experiences, faster and cheaper development, scale quickly, and improve their website and mobile performance.

Connecting to the headless ecosystem

Here at Mollie, we’re hard at work developing a network of partners in the headless and composable commerce ecosystem and already offer integrations with many of its leading firms – including Shopware and commercetools.

Shopware is a leading open commerce platform that offers ecommerce solutions for B2C, D2C, and B2B businesses. They help companies to improve their ecommerce site, offering maximum flexibility, full scalability, and expert support. Shopware's API-first approach also provides the infrastructure needed to power headless solutions. That means businesses can use Shopware as a backend and connect any frontend they want.  

 "Businesses need a highly flexible ecommerce platform. Headless commerce offers this flexibility," says Sebastian Hamann, founder and Co-CEO of Shopware. "You get full scalability and unlimited growth potential with a headless and API-first architecture. As testimony to the many years of partnership, we are excited to integrate our headless solution with Mollie and offer merchants an end-to-end solution." 

Our partnership with commercetools

Today, businesses must offer quick and efficient payment methods, fast shipping, and free returns to attract and retain customers. So, companies that invest in headless solutions will have the flexibility to meet these demands, improve their performance across multiple touchpoints, and reduce costs and time to market.

As part of the growing demand for headless solutions, we recently launched an integration with commercetools, a pioneer in headless solutions. The integration provides commercetools customers with leading and local payment methods, seamless payment processing, and their own Dashboard – an all-in-one money management, reporting, and data hub.

"Payment processing is core to ecommerce solutions which is why it's important for us to have the most adept partners in this space," says Karlis Zemitis, Global ISV Partnerships Manager at commercetools. "We're excited for Mollie to join our global partner ecosystem, and look forward to working together in ensuring our customers have the right tools to further grow their business."

As more than half (52%) of European ecommerce shoppers say that they think their country's economic situation will worsen over the next 12 months, businesses will have to do more with less to fight for every sale and drive growth.

"For companies who operate in multiple markets and channels, use multiple currencies or revenue models, and who are looking to invest in the next innovation – headless and composable are crucial," says Michaela Weber, Mollie's VP of Partnerships." Many of our partners, such as Shopware and commercetools, are seeing strong growth through this technology and expect demand to continue to increase."

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