Meet us at Web Summit 2021

Web Summit is back in an in-person format, and with it comes our desire to be part of it. Mollie will be present at the world’s largest technology event to share its vision of democratization of payments and present our new technology development centre in Lisbon. We love the vibrant and rich culture of this city, and Web Summit is definitely a great opportunity to experience it.

As a leader in the payments industry, we at Mollie believe that we should support the development of the ecosystem, so we will sponsor the Startup Showcase. Startup Showcase shines the spotlight on the most innovative startups’ ideas. Expect quickfire presentations with startups showcasing their solutions to the biggest issues in their industries. You can meet the participants here.

But where can you meet us?

To begin, Shane Happach, CEO of Mollie, and Shannee Braun, Vice-President of EQT Partners, will be on hand on November 4th to discuss if “Will there ever be an Amazon of payments?”, and talk about what financial technology can expect from “the great dispersion”, the global megatrend. Like macro trends, such as globalisation and digitisation, dispersion offers a huge opportunity, as technology has dispersed ever-larger economic segments regardless of existing distribution channels.

Furthermore, we have prepared a tuk-tuk ride to meet some of the most talented people in the technology sector. This initiative aims to recruit developers, engineering, product, product design, and talent acquisition while transforming the well-known “speed dating” format into a quick Mollie-talk aboard a tuk-tuk. Stay tuned for more information!

At Mollie, we have a unique culture. Our constant work and commitment to growth have allowed us to be selected as one of the top 10 payment companies and to be the third-largest financial unicorn in Europe, according to CB Insights.

As we grow, we remain committed to building a workplace that is inclusive, fun, and a great place to be. Are you going to miss the opportunity to be part of Mollie? We want to give you the chance to know us and decide if we can offer you the right challenge!

Stay tuned for more!

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