Mollie and H&M work together to help the food banks

This December, H&M has committed to helping food banks throughout the Netherlands. Their campaign called ‘H&M Helps’ has been established in an effort to raise funds. Mollie worked to support food banks efforts by helping to collect as many donations as possible to ensure that operations ran as smoothly as possible.

Food bank emergencies

There are around 1 million people living below the poverty line in the Netherlands, and require enormous support for the packages they receive from the food banks. The number of donations has gone down considerably since the start of the COVID crisis. Despite that, many more families are now turning to food banks because they have been financially disadvantaged by the crisis. That need has not gone away now that Christmas is here.

Unique items up for auction

H&M has auctioned a few top pieces from its collection in order to raise as much money as possible. The pieces are unique items from various celebrities and designers. You can also auction items from your own wardrobe, which can be done on Instagram using the hashtags #HMhelpt and #HMxVoedselbank. You can also make a personal donation if you wish. 5% of all H&M gift cards sold during the campaign will be donated to the food bank.

Processing transactions for free

Mollie and H&M have established an account in order to ensure the campaign runs smoothly and that everything has been done to collecting donations easy. Mollie is processing these transactions for free. Every euro counts, and that’s how all the funds will end up with the people who need it most.

Bringing holiday cheer to everyone

It’s not just the food bank through H&M Helps that Mollie is involved with Every Mollie employee will receive Christmas breakfast at home, and €10 will be donated to the foodbank for each breakfast sent. That equates to a generous amount of € 3500 in total, which we can use to wish a Merry Christmas to families below the poverty line.

Here’s how you can help too!

The campaign is in full swing, so grab the opportunity to help too! To do so, you can bid on the items from the fashion auction, auction a piece of your own clothing, donate a sum of money or buy an H&M gift card. We can work together to help as many other people as possible to have an unforgettable Christmas.

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