Easy European payment processing: Mollie & Laravel Cashier

For developer Sander van Hooft, Laravel Cashier was initially part of a side project. He was in talks with a large platform that required a recurring payments solution, with a wider range of options than those available up to that point. After exploring the existing options, he approached Mollie. At the time Mollie had already received numerous inquiries regarding whether it was possible to integrate their features in Cashier. Sander got in touch with Taylor Otwell, the founder of Laravel, and that’s when the ball started rolling. The solution that Sander built is not only an official part of the Cashier package, it also offers business value for entrepreneurs and makes the work of fellow developers much easier.

Many people have tried to adapt the existing Cashier solutions so that they would be suitable for the European market. This is because European customers prefer other payment methods than those previously offered by Laravel Cashier. The attempts were largely unsuccessful. Sander: “If you want to deviate from the current setup even slightly, you’ll get stuck. That’s a risk for entrepreneurs when building a business. A developer runs the risk of trying to create all sorts of things, spending a lot of time doing so and then hitting a total dead end.”

Official part of Laravel Cashier

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In Sander’s view, it seemed impossible to find a recurring solution with payment methods specifically geared towards Europe, all in one package. So, after contacting both Mollie and Taylor Otwell, Sander decided to simply build the solution himself: a package that is now officially part of Laravel Cashier. “It’s great, because this way we can directly reach lots of people within the community. Most people find their solutions by going through Laravel’s documentation. I personally always have the documentation open, so in addition to building the package, I also ensure that the corresponding documentation is thorough and clear.”

*”Laravel didn’t exist when I started programming with PHP, but it has since become indispensable. I am extremely proud that Mollie can help make developers’ lives a little bit easier by now being included as a standard feature in Laravel Cashier.”* — Adriaan Mol , Mollie Founder

*”Laravel is an international ecosystem, with developers located in nearly every country on earth. By partnering with Mollie to offer a brand new version of Cashier, we are bringing the enjoyable developer experience of Cashier to Europe and reaching even more Laravel developers.”* — Taylor Otwell – Creator of Laravel PHP

The business value of this solution

“I built it this way in order to solve my own problems. I removed a number of blockers, which improves the business value of this solution. That’s why I’ve also included several options that were not possible in combination with Cashier until now:

– Payment methods: SEPA Direct Debit, which is a very useful addition in Europe where (American) payment methods like credit cards are not so common. This option immediately connects to the checkout flow from Mollie, which adapts to the country where the customer is located.

– Metered billing and coupon handling: billing used to be highly complex within Laravel, but that’s all in the past. Now you can implement metered billing, with variable monthly elements for which costs can be charged or points can be accumulated. You can easily adjust the solution to match your preferences and customise to your heart’s content. The same goes for coupon handling.”

Above all, Sander’s biggest motivator has been making the work of other developers easier. “During the testing phase, I received feedback like: ‘This is exactly what we’re looking for.’ So there is definitely a need for it. I personally hope that this will have a major impact when it comes to building advanced recurring solutions.”

Find the package here!

About Sander van Hooft

Sander van Hooft is an independent software architect and consultant. He discovered Laravel in search of a framework suitable for both rapid prototyping and evolving into enterprise grade solutions. Intrigued, Sander published a free Email course ‘Laravel package development from scratch’ and specialised in the FinTech industry. He now partners with Mollie to provide easy European payment processing to the Laravel community.

Get in touch with Sander

Blog: sandervanhooft.com

Twitter: @sandervhooft

Github: Sandervanhooft

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