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Mollie launches collaboration with online accounting platform Yuki

Keeping track of your accounting has just become even easier, thanks to the integration of Yuki and Mollie. You link the effortless payments of Mollie to Yuki’s platform that takes your entire bookkeeping off your plate. This collaboration makes it easier than ever to keep your business financially healthy.

PSD2 – What changes will you notice?

On February 19 this year, the revised Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) regulations officially came into effect in the Netherlands. These measures do not come as a surprise, since the legislation had already been in force at EU level since January 13, 2018. It goes without saying that Mollie is in compliance with all guidelines in the PSD2. But what do these guidelines mean for you and your business?

A new onboarding flow and other API improvements

Last month, we released the new [Onboarding API]( for our merchants. It makes it possible to prefill data in the dashboard’s onboarding screens for newly registered merchants and to follow their progress. Releasing this API was the last major step in our partner improvements epic. Together with other small enhancements, like pricing, enable/disable payment methods, and metadata for orders.

Mollie introduces plugin for OXID

The payment service provider Mollie has released its latest plugin for OXID eShop. The new plugin enables simple and fast integration of all payment methods into all OXID 6 e-commerce solutions. Thanks to a free download, a lean pricing model, and fast onboarding, the plugin is the all-in-one payment solution for shop owners.

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