Taking stock of tech at Web Summit 2021

Taking stock of tech at Web Summit 2021

As the world’s largest tech event, Web summit 2021 provided a perfect snapshot of the state of the global tech industry. More importantly, attendees got a glimpse of the future, as world leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, developers, and others came together to celebrate how technology can create positive global change.

As part of our mission to help others grow, Mollie sponsored the event’s Startup Showcase. Why? Saloua Essalhi, our VP of Products, explains it perfectly: “We’re at a stage where we can hopefully act as an older sibling to younger companies in our industry. We want to take care of them and empower them to develop.”

Startup Showcase: An introduction to the next big thing

The Startup Showcase saw startups from all over the world introduce their business and explain the eureka moment that inspired them to do what they do. Each founder had two minutes to pitch their solutions, with many focusing on creating a positive societal impact, promoting financial inclusion, and making it easier for startups to access capital.

At Mollie we’re also entrepreneurs, so we understand how difficult it can be to raise funding or get a head start when you’re launching a business. That’s one of the reasons we’ve made it our mission to help others grow. So, it was heartening to see many startups pitch solutions that help companies to raise capital and access investors digitally.

One good example is DueDash Capital, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and a private-capital tool to help startups secure funding. “Machinery AI and the use of technology for fundraising is very present for startups today,” says Saloua Essalhi. “Accessing capital through technology is a very relevant topic for Mollie, as it can help democratise the economy.”

Retail’s future: personalised, sustainable, social

In retail, personalisation and social media are transforming the shopping experience. This gives startups an opportunity to create unique shopping experiences that focus on satisfying consumer needs. One startup working on this is Texel: Its Engagement Cloud™ enables leading streaming services to offer an individualised, highly social interactive viewing experience on any device.

With the United Nations’ COP26 Climate Change Conference taking place at the same time, it’s no surprise that sustainability was a hot topic at this year’s Web Summit. Consumer demand for more transparency about brand sustainability is driving change. Green Till is one firm working in this field by helping merchants’ reduce their environmental footprint. It uses technology to create digital receipts. These replace physical copies, reducing waste and fostering a more positive relationship between consumers and brands.

Several startups also showed a commitment to creating a positive impact in the world. These founders think big, with pitched solutions including tech to help fight poverty and turn sunlight into seafood. “The vision and mission of these startups are very much in line with Mollie’s ambitious mindset, which is to bring businesses all the necessary tools to access more immersive and secure financial services,” explains Saloua.

Web Summit and Mollie: A match made in Lisbon

The trends on show at this year’s Web Summit correlate with what we’re doing here at Mollie. And it was an honour to play a part in an event that shows exactly why technology can be key to creating positive changes globally. Rogier Schoute, our CPO, sums it up pretty perfectly: “We care about the merchants we work with. They aren’t just our clients, they are also our partners, and we choose our partners carefully. We want to help the ones with the right ambition and that are creating a positive impact.”

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