Mollie recognized in top 10 Magento partners

Did you know that Mollie is recognized as one of Magento’s top 10 partners in Europe? Read all about it in this interview from Ken, our Chief Commercial Officer, with Retail CIO where he talks about what we do and how this can help companies to grow their online business.

Architects of Effortless Online Payment

If one looks back at humankind’s history, many events mark a clear ‘before and after’ demarcation in human civilisation. And today, the COVID-19 pandemic is a similar pivotal moment!

Undeniably, the societal and economic implications that the current pandemic has brought forth will last for decades. Take people’s shopping behaviour, for example. At the start of the pandemic, the global population resorted to e-commerce to survive through the periods of lockdown. Now, even though many countries have relaxed their lockdown norms, people are still opting for online shopping to maintain social distancing and curb the risk of a new viral outbreak.

A telltale sign of this drastic change is the triple-digit order and revenue growth the online retail industry is witnessing today. Subsequently, the e-commerce sector is investing significantly in improving customer experiences as the pandemic is creating and reinforcing new online buying behaviours and habits. And just as the latest approaches to personalising web content, along with offers, pricing, and promotions, are adapting to each customers’ unique preferences and buying history, online payment processing must also do the same. The challenge for the sellers, at this point, is to ensure a hassle-free and safe online payment process, considering many consumers are choosing pre-paid delivery to avoid physical monetary exchange for reducing the chances of contracting the virus. Helping retailers of all sizes overcome this hurdle and strengthen their online businesses is Mollie—one of the pioneers in the payment industry and one of Europe’s fastest-growing fintech companies.

Mollie Checkout

Meet the Clever Payment Solution Provider

Mollie has been disrupting the payments industry with its smart and flexible payment solutions since its inception in 2004. Now, over a decade and a half later, the company has earned itself the moniker of a ‘clever payment solution provider,’ by offering easier and more flexible products. Behind such a promising journey of Mollie is its customer-centric approach that ensures clients’ fundamental aspect of growth (revenue) does not take a hit. “Our objective as a company is to become the most loved Payment Service Provider in Europe and help companies to grow,” says Ken Serdons, the Chief Commercial Officer of Mollie.

To this end, Mollie made online payments effortless allowing around 100.000 webshops across Europe to compete on better terms. The solution facilitates straightforward online transactions through different payment methods such as iDEAL, PayPal, credit card payments and many more. Webshops can make online transactions effective and easy to navigate for the end-user with the help of Mollie’s payment solution. It allows ecommerce businesses to create a uniform checkout experience for the end-user, thereby increasing the sense of trust among them. When end-customers are making payments, for instance, the solution ensures that they stay on the customer’s branded e-commerce platform during the entire transaction process rather than being redirected to a new page. Notably, these efforts to replicate a physical shopping experience for the end-users have helped Mollie’s customers increase their conversion rate by up to seven percent. Besides that, Mollie offers best in class partner integrations and fast and easy onboarding.

Building Success on Top of Magento Platform

Elaborating further on partner integrations, Serdons states that Mollie’s Magento Store plug-in is the most widely used among all. “Mollie has a long-standing collaboration with Magento, and our Magento Commerce plug-in is the crown jewel of our portfolio,” enthuses Serdons.

With the Magento Commerce plug-in, webshops can go live in less than 15 minutes. The plug-in makes the checkout experience all the more seamless by accepting all major localised payment methods, and intuitively authorising international transactions as well. “We leverage a myriad of service providers to offer a frictionless payment experience. As a result, if any one of the payment portals is down, a consumer can just use the other one,” underlines Serdons. Alongside, acknowledging the fact that smartphones and tablets are the most used devices for online shopping, the company ensures responsive payment pages by automatically detecting the device being used to shop. Above all, Mollie goes the extra mile when it comes to its customer services. While most European companies offer support only in English, Mollie caters to its customers in multiple languages, including German, French, and Dutch.

Mollie Checkout Desktop

Where Transaction Security is Paramount

It is not only about hassle-free payments. Mollie stays ahead of the curve with its stringent transaction safety, complemented with strict security checks and robust data storage. Mollie is compliant with all the local data regulations across different European markets. Serdons enthuses, “We fly along the highest of security standards. And data security is one of the most critical things that we look at.” The engineering team of Mollie takes data security into consideration right from the product design phase. The Mollie dashboard that offers businesses a holistic view of their transactions is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant. It creates a secure environment for both the users and their end-customers. Sensitive customer data, such as their personal and card details, are additionally redacted to ensure the information is completely secured. “Besides, we always keep our software up to date with the latest standards so that clients don’t have to worry about being compliant with the changing regulations,” Serdons adds further.

Beyond the Secured Payment Plug-In

With a one size fits all plugin Magento Commerce empowers a wide range of customers. From easy to start defaults to advanced custom settings for the high end of the market and everything in between, it’s there to facilitate effortless payments for everyone.

Furthermore, the payment plug-in can save the customer’s payment details for quicker future transactions to increase the sales conversion speed. The plug-in also has a feature, called Second Chance Email, that reminds the customer automatically to finish a purchase if they abandoned their payment, thereby adding more sales opportunities for the retailer. Lastly, for the more technical advanced webshops: our Magento Commerce plug-in is fully PWA-ready and GraphQL compatible.

An Illustrated Record of Accomplishments

Mollie’s extensive efforts to provide the best service to customers with a human-first approach has helped the company weave the most exceptional payment experience and become a reliable partner for several organisations. Today, Mollie’s growing clientele is undoubtedly a testament to its pragmatic and innovative nature. Moving forward with an undeterred momentum, Mollie is poised to seek what’s best for its clients and build more scalable payment products that efficiently serve clients. The company also plans to enhance its solutions to help clients identify suspicious transactions quickly. As this new feature would put the customer in control, they will be able to know the true nature of a transaction. They will further be able to set specific rules to optimise valid conversion, automatically cancelling out the suspicious transactions.

Additionally, in terms of geographic expansion, Mollie is planning to expand its operations in both European as well as global markets beyond the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany. “Fuelled by our success so far, we have been and always will be at the forefront of new developments,” concludes Serdons.

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