Gift cards

Mollie supports processing gift cards handled by the Dutch giftcard broker Intersolve. At the moment, the following brands are supported:

  • Nationale Bioscoopbon
  • Nationale EntertainmentCard
  • Nationale Kunst & Cultuur Cadeaukaart
  • Podium Cadeaukaart
  • VVV Cadeaukaart
  • Webshop Giftcard
  • YourGift

If you need a different brand, please reach out to your account manager or our support department.

Using the Mollie Checkout, your customer can pay part of the payment using gift cards and pay any remaining amount due using the other payment methods enabled on your website profile.

Contracting and settlement

In contrast to other payment methods such as iDEAL or credit card, Mollie does not handle contracting and settlement on your behalf. You will have to set up the contracting yourself via the brand owner (e.g. for Podium Cadeaukaart, contact Stichting Promotie Theater- en Concertbezoek). The brand owner will ask for your PSPID, a unique identifier. You should provide the brand owner with your Mollie Partner ID to use as the PSPID.

If you already have a PSPID that you would like to reuse, contact your account manager at Mollie.

Once your account has been set up with the brand owner and you have enabled the gift card brand in the Dashboard, Mollie will automatically verify the set up with Intersolve and enable the brand on your selected web site profiles once everything has been set up by the various parties involved.

Settlement is handled by the brand owner and not by Mollie.

Technical integration

Integration is handled via the Mollie Payments API. Several levels of integration are possible.

Mollie supports stacking transactions, e.g. starting with a partial gift card payment and then finalizing the payment using more gift cards or one of the other payment methods.

Integrate using Mollie Checkout

The easiest way to integrate giftcards is to use the Mollie Checkout. This is arranged by creating the payment via our API without passing the method parameter. Mollie will then display a list of payment methods available for the payment and offer the gift card options enabled on your account.

Your customer can start the payment by redeeming their gift card. If the gift card only partially covers the amount due, more gift cards can be entered in the checkout or a different payment method can be used to pay for the remaining amount.

After the full amount has been paid by the customer, the customer is redirected back to your application as usual and we will call your webhook.

Integrate method selection in your application

The selection for the giftcard can be integrated in your own application as well. Using the Methods API, you can retrieve the methods and gift cards available on your account. Use the include issuers to include the gift card brands available.

If only a single issuer is available, the issuer is optional and we will use the avaible issuer.

Note that each method has a minimum and a maximum amount that can be processed. For gift cards, you should ignore the maximum amount. The maximum amount visible for gift cards is per gift card transaction.

The ID for the gift cards method is giftcard.

Integrate initial gift card payment in your application

Finally, Mollie offers the option to integrate the initial gift card payment in your application. You can provide the customer with a form where they can enter their voucher number and the voucher pin number. These two fields can be passed together with the method and issuer field as the fields voucherNumber and voucherPin.

If the gift card covers the entire amount, the payment moves to the paid state immediately.

If there is any amount due remaining, the payment will be created in the open state and the redirectUrl will point to the Mollie Checkout, where the customer can pick the next payment method (or another gift card) they would like to use to finish the payment.

Note that some cards don’t have a PIN printed on them. If the card does have a PIN, the PIN is always required.

Cancelled and abandoned payments

If the customer cancels or abandons the payment after partially paying with one or more gift cards, the amount paid with the gift card will be returned to the gift card. This will show up as a refund in your Mollie Dashboard.


You cannot perform any gift card refunds. However, if another payment method was used during the checkout, you can refund the payment paid with the other payment method (and optionally an additional part).


As the Mollie Checkout is almost certainly used when processing gift cards, be sure to set up an attractive wallpaper and your logo for the checkout.