Status changes

Every possible payment status

Depending on what happens payments go through a number of statuses. On this page we'll first simply list and explain them. Then we'll show how the statuses are connected.


The payment has been created, but nothing else has happened yet. This is not a status Mollie will call your Webhook for.


Your customer has cancelled the payment. This is a definitive status. Mollie will call your webhook when this status is reached.


This is a temporary status that can occur when the actual payment process has been started, but it's not complete yet. Nothing really needs to happen on your end when this status occurs. Mollie will not call your webhook when this status occurs.


The payment has expired. For some payment methods like banktransfer it can take a few days for this status to occur. This status is definitive and we will call your webhook when it occurs. How much time it takes for a payment to expire depends on the payment method. We explain this in more detail below.


The payment has failed and can't be completed with a different payment method. This status is used for failed directdebit-payments for example.


This status occurs whenever a payment is successfully paid. When this status occurs we'll call your webhook.


This status occurs for payments we've transfered to your bankaccount. We don't call your webhook when this status occurs.


When you issue a refund for a payment, it gets this status. When this status occurs we call your webhook.


creditcard , directdebit , paypal and sofort provide your customers with the ability to dispute payments which could ultimately lead to a chargeback. You'll find payments that have been charged back to have this status.

How does one status lead to another?

Please look at the below diagram. It tells you exactly when to expect what status.

Statusdiagram Mollie API

When does a payment expire?

When a consumer doesn't make an actual payment, the payment will at some point expire. After a certain expiry time an open payment will become expired. This could happen when a consumer decides not to make a payment after all, and abandons it. The expiry time is different for each payment method.

Expiry times per payment method

SEPA Direct Debit
All of these payment methods have the same expiry time of 15 minutes.
Credit card
Payments of this payment method have an expiry time of about 30 minutes.
SOFORT Banking
KBC/CBC Payment Button
Payments of these payment methods have expiry times of about one hour.
Belfius Pay Button
ING Home'Pay
Payments of these payment methods have expiry times of about 3 hours.
Payments of these payment methods expire the next business day at 09:00 AM.
Bank transfer
12(+2) days A payment by banktransfer the consumer must make manually. By wiring a certain amount into our account and using a certain payment reference we register the incoming payment. Mollie checks for these payments on a daily basis.
Some days can pass before it becomes clear a payment has been made. That's why a payment of the payment method banktransfer will not expire until 12 days have passed. One or two days can be added to this if 12 days after payment creation is a Sunday or a Saturday.
It's possible to set an alternative expiry date for bank transfer payments by using the dueDate parameter during payment creation.

Note that it's not a good idea to predict payment expiry. Best wait until your webhook is called and fetch the status as usual. This is the most reliable way to keep your system in sync with Mollie, also in the case of expiring payments.