Connect for SaaS

A quick and easy way for you to integrate payments. From onboarding customers in your own environment, to securely connecting accounts and automating payouts – with local support to help you along the way.


What we offer

Offer your customers the best payment experience by integrating Connect for Platforms into your SaaS product. Instead of having to manage multiple providers, your customers can process payments and run their SaaS through one supplier – you. They’ll also enjoy quick, hassle-free onboarding while offering all the relevant, local payment methods.

Payment processing that helps you scale

We make it easy to integrate payments into your SaaS product offering so you can generate additional revenue by charging customers a fee for processing their payments. You decide how much you want to charge, giving you more control over your income.

Operational efficiency and seamless onboarding

Save time and increase your operational efficiency without the effort of manual onboarding and performing KYC. What’s more, you can access your customers’ organisations easily, without ever having to exchange API keys using Mollie’s hosted onboarding and OAuth. Just another way we’re making things easier – while ensuring security for you and your customers.

Trusted by customers

Additional revenue.

Set your own application fees and charge your customers for using your platform.

Smart insights.

Keep an eye on your growth trajectory using the analytics and reports available in your own Mollie dashboard.

Restaurant booking management solution

Mollie’s hosted onboarding enables our customers to accept payments in their known Formitable environment making it a frictionless experience.

Ready. Set. Grow.