How to maximise eCommerce sales during high-peak seasons

October 20, 2021

Extensive research by Mollie has revealed all the most important developments in the eCommerce sector. As competition grows and consumers expect more, online retailers wanting to thrive during Cyber Week and beyond in 2022 will need to focus on new aspects of the changing market to stand out from the crowd.

The busiest peak season yet?

The transition from brick-and-mortar browsing to digital deal-hunting has been building up for almost a decade, but with concerns around the pandemic keeping many shoppers off the high streets online shopping has been boosted like never before. For online retailers this means peak eCommerce periods like Cyber Week could lead to unprecedented sales if they keep up with the latest trends and enter the season well-prepared.

Shifting online retail trends

The digital retail space is ever-changing and online retailers need to keep up on all the latest developments in eCommerce and online consumer behaviour. Download Mollie’s Guide to Higher eCommerce Sales During Peak Seasons below and discover:

  • The 5 latest trends in the eCommerce sector
  • Mollie’s own consumer spending research data
  • Preferred payment methods across the major European economies
  • Which products perform the best in eCommerce
  • How online retailers can prepare for busy peaks like Cyber Week
  • And much more…

Download Mollie’s Guide to Higher eCommerce Sales During Peak Seasons

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