Introducing Mollie’s Brexit Bulletin

February 23, 2021

Next week we’re launching the Brexit Bulletin, a new weekly email to help the UK’s mid-sized e-commerce businesses that sell to the European Union (“UK e-commerce SMEUs” for short) navigate, overcome and continue to thrive despite the challenges that Brexit has caused.

1. Brexit threatens UK growth

European sales have been a significant growth driver in UK e-commerce, but Brexit threatens future growth.

UK e-commerce businesses’ sales to Europe have increased significantly in recent years and this has been a key lever in many businesses’ growth strategies. At Mollie we’re very fortunate to count many UK e-commerce SMEUs as customers and have seen this growth first-hand.

Despite many businesses reporting high levels of confidence ahead of Brexit, many are now struggling to overcome challenges and continue trading successfully in the EU.

2. We want to help UK e-Commerce business selling to Europe

Brexit is a large and complex issue, but focusing on the specific challenges faced by UK e-commerce SMEUs, as well as the actions that are being tried to overcome them, would help all of the businesses that have been impacted get back to growth in Europe.

But at the moment there is not enough of this focus, or it’s too spread out, or hard to access, meaning businesses are putting the pieces together on their own.

3. Introducing: Mollie’s Brexit Bulletin

That’s where our bulletin comes in.

Each week we’ll filter out, then clearly break down, the issues that matter to UK e-commerce SMEUs. And we won’t be doing it alone - we’ll be scouring the media, getting input from customers and partners, and tapping into the wider community to bring you the most relevant stories and insight.

By doing all this, we hope to help UK e-commerce SMEUs overcome the challenges and continue to succeed in Europe.

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