Mollie x Sendcloud Live Roundtable: How to continue successful shipping to EU

March 15, 2021

We’ve written you a weekly newsletter about Brexit - now join us live! From horror stories to actionable tips and tricks, join us for a roundtable at 11h00 GMT on 25 March to hear three savvy UK SMEs - Snag Tights, The Biltong Factory and Hello Baby - share their experiences of 60 days of Brexit.

What’s it about?

It’s undeniable – Brexit has changed the way UK online retailers can sell and ship into Europe. But fear not: this doesn’t mean it’s impossible! If you’re struggling to grasp the new reality of Brexit, or you just want inspiration on how to grow internationally, make sure to join our round table discussion.

Mollie and Sendcloud will together host UK e-retailers Snag Tights, Hello Baby and The Biltong Factory for an open discussion on the events of Brexit:

🇬🇧 Learn how each retailer has handled the big Brexit changes.
🇬🇧 Hear about the strategies they’ve implemented.
🇬🇧 Get tips on how to continue successfully selling to your EU customers.

Exclusive insights into Brexit reality? Get your popcorn and don’t miss it.

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