MOTO payments can be risky - try Payment Requests instead

August 28, 2022

Mail Order/ Telephone Order (MOTO) payments are a type of card-not-present transaction. As the name suggests, customers are not physically present at the point of purchase. Instead, they share sensitive card information by mail or phone for processing. But MOTO payments are exempt from authentication regulations, making them risky for both merchants and customers. And the ideal opportunity for fraud.

Fraudulent MOTO transactions in the UK totalled £63.7 million
in 2021 alone.

At first glance, MOTO payments sound great. They’re cheap, easy to implement, and convenient. And removing the ‘additional step’ of authentication can reduce friction. But is it worth it? In 2021 alone, MOTO fraud totalled £63.7 million in the UK. And the true cost of fraud is much further reaching.

Not only are you (as a business owner) wholly liable for costly chargebacks, but card processors charge higher per-transaction rates to offset their increased risk. There’s also an element of reputational risk.

With all this stacked against MOTO payments, there has to be a simpler (and safer) way to offer contactless payments. Enter Mollie Payment Requests.

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Payment Requests - the benefits you need to know

Mollie’s Payment Requests promise the same benefits as MOTO, with added security, compliance, fraud protection and customisation.

“We use the payment links built into Mollie to create a pre-filled basket for customers. This is a popular way for us to quote customers.”

David Duffy, Company Director, Stoves Are Us

With Payment Requests, you can:

  • Protect your revenue and your reputation as it’s fully compliant and 3DS secure
  • Accept all major local and global payment methods (cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and more)
  • Create instant payment links or QR codes and send them via WhatsApp, email, or any channel you choose
  • Embed payment links in your invoices for faster payments
  • Automate payment links, ideal for recurring/ subscription payments and improves creditor collections
  • Customise with your own ‘payment complete’ page, so you can control your payment experience from end to end
  • Authorise team members to create and share payment requests

“I set up a Mollie Payment Request, sent it and it was paid instantly. It’s incredible stuff!”

Emily Pummel, Head of Customer Services and Social Media, Total Fishing Tackle
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Grow with Mollie.

Our leading payment solution offers instant payment requests, a branded checkout, all local and leading European payment methods, rapid reconciliation, advanced security, multilingual support, and all the other tools you need to help your business grow. Active across Europe, we provide the best possible service to help our customers excel.