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Integrate with Mollie and give businesses powered by your e-commerce platform the easiest, most complete and fastest growing payments solution in Europe.

Why Mollie?

We offer online payments that just work. This is what your customers want. It makes their lives easier. It helps them to increase their revenue and grow their business as a result.

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  • Superior checkout optimised for UX and conversion

  • Locally relevant payment methods

  • Fast and easy onboarding

  • Best-in-class partner integrations


If you want to grow, you have to continue to develop. That's why we're always busy improving our products. At Mollie, we build the financial services of tomorrow so you can offer the latest technology today.

We're always there to help you and your customers get off to a flying start .

  • A true partnership
  • A huge network
  • A superior payment experience for your ecommerce platform
  • Easy to integrate, easy to use
  • Fully compatible with PSD2 and other standards
  • Marketing tools
  • Access to our knowledge banks
  • Friendly local support
Our partnership with Mollie is a key component of our international growth. Working with them is frictionless, just like their integration is for our merchants. — Deepak Anand, Senior Director SBD BigCommerce
We love Mollie because it fits perfectly with our solution. Both companies are founded on similar grounds, trying to make everything easier. — Sebastian Hamann, Founder of Shopware
Our integration with Mollie is currently the most robust among all Payment Solution Providers within the Sylius Ecosystem. — Tymoteusz Stengert, New Business Lead
Mollie is a secure payment solution, easy to set up and now pre-installed in PrestaShop. We are very happy to work with Mollie and to offer this solution to our merchants in France, Dach, and Benelux. — Christophe Bouron, Chief Revenue Officer
WooCommerce merchants love Mollie’s simple integration, international options, and hyper-localization. As a partner, Mollie is best-in-class. — Aleksandra Bettin, VP of Business Development: WooCommerce

You are in good company, these e-commerce platforms are already partnering with us

All great partnerships rely on close collaboration. Below are just a few of the e-commerce companies powered by Mollie.

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Two people are having a meeting

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