"With subscriptions via Mollie, we see when a customer has to pay again. That way we know when to send the next load of dog food."

Interview with Mattijs — co-founder BuddyBites.


Most dog owners (thankfully) want their wagging friend to lack for nothing. That’s why BuddyBites founders Mattijs Brandt and Charlotte Coene supply tailor-made dog food. Orders are carefully delivered to homes and payments are made smoothly using a subscription formula. For the latter, the two young entrepreneurs have relied on Mollie from the start of their business. “It’s very convenient for both our customers and ourselves that payments are made automatically.”

BuddyBites meeting at the office.

The idea behind BuddyBites is as simple as it is ingenious: owners answer ten questions about their dog on the website. BuddyBites puts together the right food based on their answers. Customers receive their feeding package at home at a time of their choosing, both in Belgium and the Netherlands. “People often don’t know which food is best for their dog. By adjusting the food to the dietary preferences of your dog, you can be sure that you are serving your four-legged friend the perfect lunch”, explains Mattijs.

“Customers no longer have to worry about their order, everything is automatic.”

Mattijs Brandt co-founder of BuddyBites

BuddyBites products

Automatically via subscriptions

Many dog owners were quickly convinced of BuddyBites. The company was officially launched in January 2020 and the first orders started pouring in that same month. Payments went through Mollie from day one. “We wanted orders to run smoothly from the start, so working with a strong payment partner was a must. We were looking for a party with whom we could have close contact and who had the option of making payments via subscriptions. We didn’t need that in January, but we were already planning it for the future”, says Mattijs. “Our IT guy directed us to Mollie. That turned out to be a good match.”

Six months after the first bags of feed went over the virtual counter, Mattijs and his co-founder introduced the subscriptions. "It’s really easy for our customers. They choose how often they want a bag delivered. For some that’s every month, others are less likely to run out of supplies and only need new food after three months. Whatever the case, they don’t have to worry about the order, everything is automatic. Just like the payment, which goes through Mollie, with a direct debit.

“Mollie also comes in handy for our future plans, because we already know that it works well. So, Mollie can grow smoothly with us.”

Mattijs Brandt co-founder of BuddyBites

An honoured guest at the meeting

Along with growth

Subscriptions via Mollie are also convenient for BuddyBites. “We always have an overview: we can see immediately whether a payment was successful or not. In the latter case, we can quickly put our customer support to work to follow it up”, says the founder. “The overview also shows when a customer has to pay again. That way we know when to send the next batch of dog food.”

What does the future hold for the collaboration between BuddyBites and Mollie? “We certainly have plans. To expand our product range, for example. Or enter the market in other countries. Mollie will come in handy for those big steps too. We already know that it works well, so Mollie can grow smoothly with us.”

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