Add Klarna: Pay now to your website

Add Klarna: Pay now to your website

Let customers buy online through bank transfer or direct debit without having to share their sensitive information with merchants. Adding Klarna: Pay now to your website with Mollie is simple and lets your customers pay securely and conveniently. Start processing one-off payments right away and only pay for successful transactions, no hidden fees involved.

How to add Klarna: Pay now to my website

Adding Klarna: Pay now to your website with Mollie is simple.

  1. Set up a Klarna business account
  2. Create a Mollie account via our sign-up page
  3. Activate your Mollie account
  4. Download and install our Orders API or install a ready-made plugin for your website
  5. Select Klarna: Pay now in your Mollie dashboard
  6. Mollie checks your request and sends confirmation within two business days

What is Klarna: Pay now?

Klarna: Pay now lets customers instantly and securely pay for one-off transactions using their online banking details through bank transfers or direct debit orders. The customer’s sensitive information is not shared with the merchant or any third-parties such as employees of Klarna. Its aim is to make Klarna: Pay now one of the safest online payment systems possible.

As an online retailer, you are protected against customer non-payment risk and are paid out five business days after the order is shipped. Thanks to the real-time transaction confirmation that you’ll receive, you can dispatch the goods to your customers immediately and reap the rewards of payout guarantees.

As a consumer-centric company, Klarna bases variables like costs and the availability of their products on your customer’s location. Klarna: Pay now is available for customers in:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • The Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Belgium*

Klarna: Pay now via direct debit is not available in Finland and Belgium.

For more information on the costs, check out ‘What are the costs for using Klarna?’ in our Help Center.

See Klarna’s terms and conditions for more information.

How does Klarna: Pay now work?

Here’s how easy it is for your customers to shop using Klarna: Pay now.

  • Customers shop from the thousands of merchants available through Klarna
  • At checkout, the customer selects ‘Klarna: Pay now’ as their payment method
  • The customer is redirected to the Klarna-hosted payment page and chooses their preferred payment method
  • For bank transfers, customers enter their sort code and/or bank code
  • They enter a username and password to login to their bank account, thena transaction authentication number (TAN) or equivalent depending on their country and bank
  • Payment is authorised in real-time and the shopper is returned to the merchant’s store
  • For direct debits, existing Klarna customers enter account credentials and new customers will have to create a Klarna account to confirm the payment

What are the benefits of adding Klarna to your website through Mollie?

  • Offer Klarna Pay Later, Slice It, and all major payment methods through a single integration and API
  • Our API and Dashboard allow for direct refunds and allow you to export data in different formats for your bookkeeper
  • Easy implementation with a simple sign-up process
  • Free open-source packages and plugins for most coding languages and ecommerce platforms
  • Transparent pricing with low fees only for successful transactions

All major payment methods within reach

Whether you want to grow internationally or focus on a specific market, Mollie supports all major payment methods, so you can build your business wherever you want.