Add Klarna: Slice it to your website

Add Klarna: Slice it to your website

Klarna: Slice it allows customers to make purchases online and pay in monthly instalments. With Mollie, adding Klarna: Slice it to your website is simple and easy. You only pay for successful transactions, no hidden fees involved.

What is Klarna: Slice it?

Klarna: Slice it allows your customers to pay with consumer financing, without them having to go through a lengthy sign up process. Offering an easy way of consumer financing is a great advantage, especially when you have a high average order value, as it lowers the barrier for customers to make a purchase.

By filling out a few simple personal details, customers can pay the amount due in instalments. They can have up to 36 months to pay these instalments, with or without interest.

No matter what duration your customer chooses to pay, you will get paid out five business days after an order ships.

A credit check that runs in the background while your customer is paying will assess whether they are eligible for consumer financing and the available monthly instalments. The actual payments occur later and are made in the Klarna app through another payment method like credit card. customers can also choose to link a bank account to their Klarna account for effortless recurring payments.

As a consumer-centric company, Klarna bases variables like costs and the availability of their products on your customer’s location. Klarna: Slice it is available for customers in:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Finland

Klarna covers all the fraud and financial risks that may arise when offering your customers the option to pay using Slice it.

For more information on the costs, check out ‘What are the costs for using Klarna?’ in our Help Center.

How does Klarna: Slice it work?

Here’s how easy it is for your customers to shop using Klarna: Slice it.

  • Customers shop from the thousands of merchants available through Klarna
  • In the checkout, the customer selects ‘Slice it’ as their payment method
  • The customer fills out basic information to pay
  • Customers paying for the first time will be asked to provide their full name, billing address, date of birth, phone number, and email address
  • Returning customers can simply pay by filling out their email address or phone number and date of birth
  • When a new customer is applying for a Klarna account and ‘Slice it’ payment, Klarna will run an affordability check in the background and provide the available monthly instalments they can pay with
  • After submitting the order, the customer will get an email with a payment link and the order amount will be added to the total balance in their Klarna account
  • The customer can pay with their preferred payment method through the Klarna consumer portal on the Klarna website or in the Klarna app

Benefits of adding Klarna: Slice it to your website through Mollie

  • Offer Klarna Pay Later, Pay Now and all major payment methods through a single integration and API
  • Our API and Dashboard allow for direct refunds and allow you to export data in different formats for your bookkeeper
  • Easy implementation with a simple sign-up process
  • Free open-source packages and plugins for most coding languages and ecommerce platforms
  • Transparent pricing with low fees only for successful transactions

All major payment methods within reach

Whether you want to grow internationally or focus on a specific market, Mollie supports all major payment methods, so you can build your business wherever you want.