Notification with refund now possible

It was already possible to easily refund an amount in whole or in part to a customer via our system. Many customers use this. This option has been further expanded since today with the option to include a description with the refund.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. Find the transaction you want to refund in the transaction overview in your account and click on “refund”. On the next screen you indicate the amount you want to refund. Then enter a description. This is a message (consisting of a maximum of 140 characters) that your customer will see when crediting his account.

You can use this, for example, to let the customer know that he will receive the amount back because (part of) the order is out of stock or because he has canceled an order. Another possible situation is that you want to credit a certain amount, for example to compensate for a delayed delivery.

If you transfer an amount via your account, the customer usually receives this on his account the next working day. Moreover, you can easily see which transactions have been refunded. You can now provide a description with a refund for almost every payment method.

Look here for more information about options and costs.

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