Rogier Schoute is Mollie’s new CPO

Mollie has appointed Rogier Schoute as Chief Product Officer. Schoute comes from, where he led product development for payments for the past two years. He got to know Mollie when he was in charge of global partnerships for Klarna.

In 2010 Schoute started as an intern at Klarna. The company was then five years old, employed approximately 120 people and was in the early stages of international expansion. In his 8.5 years at Klarna, Schoute mainly focused on the development of payment products. In 2015, he became Director of Core Payments, in 2016 VP of Product Payments, and in 2017 he took charge of Klarna’s global partnership organization. Schoute left in 2019, after helping the company scale to more than $29 billion in gross trading volume and $627 million in operating revenue.

“I got to know Mollie in 2018, and was immediately impressed by the team, the corporate culture and the technology of the organization,” says Schoute. “Mollies products are simple, elegant and beautifully made. No wonder the customer base has grown so impressively in recent years. But what’s really exciting, and which is why I’m so happy to be working here, is Mollie’s potential. The team, corporate culture and technology are even stronger than they were three years ago. The organization has the support of TVC, and a renewed board that is eager to grow further. And their deep, trusting relationships with more than 110,000 merchants provide the perfect platform for product development, with enormous potential for innovation.”

“We are delighted to have Rogier on our team. What an asset! We couldn’t be happier to have him on board,” said Shane Happach, Mollies CEO. “Our B-round was all about accelerated geographic growth and investing in our products and engineering. In February, we announced our expansion into the UK. In April, Rogier joined us to take on the further development of our payment and financial services offering. His experience in both enabling and managing rapid growth will be critical for Mollie.”

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