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We have volume pricing available for enterprises that process over 2500 transactions or more than €50.000 monthly. Fill in the form and we'll contact you.

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Questions you may have

  • Are there really no additional fees involved?
    There are no additional, hidden, or minimum fees involved. There’s no lock-in contracts and no sign-up fees. Because we have optimised most of our internal and onboarding processes we can offer these competitive prices for our great products.
  • What does Recurring cost?
    Just like with Payments, Recurring has no sign-up costs, lock-in contracts or hidden fees. You only pay the per transaction rate of the payment method for the payments you collect. Recurring payments are collected through credit card or SEPA Direct Debit.
  • Do I have to sign different contracts for every payment method?
    No, we offer all our payment methods through a single contract. Mollie makes sure that the connection to these payment methods is secure, stable and built for high volume. And we’re your central point for all your questions about payments.
  • How often can I receive payouts?
    We offer complete flexibility with payouts. You can receive payouts daily, weekly, monthly, twice a week, or twice a month. Or you can pause payouts, it’s all possible. You can choose your preferred payout frequency in your account. And, of course, payouts are always free.
  • What about refunds and chargebacks?
    Refunds cost € 0.25. You can issue partial, full or even extra refunds, to cover transportation or other costs. We charge € 19 ex VAT for successful credit card chargebacks. When presented to us within 2 days, we can offer your evidence to the bank.
  • How do I implement these payment methods?
    Implementing our payment methods can be as easy as dropping them ready-made into your hosted webshop with one of our free plugins. But you can also use our expansive yet simple API to build advanced and reliable products yourself from scratch.