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Mollie & Exact Online

Add payments to your Exact Online invoice.

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Exact Online

Release date

2 Oct, 2019


Dutch & English


Exact and Mollie have joined forces and created a payment link solution that reduces credit management for Exact customers. Data shows that 86% of the time Exact invoices with a payment link are paid faster than those without them, and connecting Mollie and Exact is easy.

Everything you need:

  • Offer your customers all major global and local payment methods;
  • Make paying easy by offering your customer’s preferred currency;
  • Enjoy transparent pricing, trustworthy security, and convenient tools for chargebacks;
  • Save valuable time on integration thanks to the world-class documentation;
  • Get the answer to all your questions from in-house support teams;
  • Optimize your business using the real-time data and insights from your free Dashboard;
  • Sign up for free and receive your first payment within 10 minutes.

In the new Exact Online Spring’21 Release It’s now possible to have the payments you receive processed and debited immediately. This way all your daily payment details are retrieved through Mollie and automatically processed in your accounts.