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Unser Erfolg im E-Commerce hat uns auf andere tolle Projekte vorbereitet.

Martijn co-founder of Ask Phill.

Ask Phill was born because they managed to surprise companies with innovative ideas. The founders realized that their ideas were too broad. “We literally did everything,” says Martijn Wijsmuller, CEO. That's how it was until 2017. The demand for e-commerce platforms was high and despite the changed focus, the innovations could no longer be stopped. ''To help our Parfumado platform succeed, we created a Shopify solution for recurring payments with iDEAL.''

Ask Phill works out of a fantastic office in the heart of Amsterdam.

Ask Phill baut Webshops auf Basis der Shopify-Plattform und ist zu einem offiziellen Shopify-Experten herangereift. Mit straffen Prozessen funktioniert alles wie am Schnürchen. Das Geschäft blüht und die Aufträge, etwa vom berühmten niederländischen Rapper Lil Kleine, schneien herein. Doch damit nicht genug. „Unser Erfolg beim E-Commerce hat uns auf andere tolle Projekte vorbereitet. Eine Partei wandte sich an uns, weil sie in den Niederlanden einen Abonnement-Service für Parfüm einführen wollten“, erklärt Martijn. So ist Parfumado entstanden, dessen Nutzer jeden Monat einen anderen Duft wählen können und dafür einen geringen Festpreis per SEPA-Lastschrift zahlen.

“With Parfumado, we suddenly became more than just web shop designers. We thought the concept was really cool, so we became business partners. We took care of branding, design, online marketing and development and created a solid platform that inspires users,” he continues. And success came quickly: within a year, Parfumado had 10,000 active users, all paying €15 per month. It’s clear that more creative minds will take advantage of this recurring payment solution in the future.

Die Endbenutzererfahrung

Achieving success wasn’t easy at all. Because recurring payments at Shopify could only be made with credit cards. “If you wanted to land the concept in the Netherlands, recurring payments with iDEAL were the key to success. That’s why we built an app that is automatically called up when iDEAL is selected as the payment method. And the customer doesn’t even notice that.”

We have built an app that is called up automatically when iDEAL is selected as the payment method. And the customer doesn’t notice anything at all.

Martijn Wijsmuller Co-founder of Ask Phill

So why did Ask Phill choose Shopify when they had yet to build a payment solution? “We’ve looked at the various e-commerce platforms that exist, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is the end-user experience. And that’s where Shopify is way ahead of everyone else,” explains Martijn, adding: “That’s also the reason why we got along with Mollie.”

Großer Unterschied zu anderen Anbietern

„Zahlungsprodukte sind nicht sexy, nur zuverlässig müssen sie sein“, so Martijn. Doch für Ask Phill war neben den zuverlässigen Zahlungen noch etwas bei Mollie ausschlaggebend. „Als digitale Agentur sind wir Designexperten. Die Optik der Produkte ist uns und unseren Kunden sehr wichtig,“ erläutert er. „Und bei Mollie ist all dies auf den Punkt gebracht, sowohl auf der Website, beim Checkout als auch beim System dahinter. Das ist ein enormer Unterschied zu anderen Anbietern.“

“Moreover, Mollie is totally committed to his customers, even when it’s just ‘just’ a startup company knocking. We’ve even been given a budget to make the switch to Mollie as easy as possible. Price also played an important role in our decision to go with Mollie,” he concludes.

Ask Phill regularly organizes events and some of these are done in cooperation with Mollie!

To start with, Ask Phill advises new customers to open a Mollie account to process payments. “We don’t say that without reason, but because we trust the relationship we’ve built with Mollie,” explains Martijn. “Because ultimately we also became Mollie customers through Parfumado. Mollie doesn’t just score with the standard prices: you also notice a big difference in the cancellation costs.” He adds: “Actually, we didn’t take that into account at first. You just think that someone places an order and then pays for it. Despite this, there are people who cancel recurring payments. And every time something like this happens, there are cancellation costs. That can get pretty expensive. But with Mollie, it’s all under control. So there are plenty of reasons to partner with Mollie.”

Mollie is committed to its customers, even when it’s just ’just’ a startup knocking.

Martijn Wijsmuller Co-founder at Ask Phill

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