Verbesserungen der SEPA Zahlungen für Deutsche Verbraucher

In den letzten Wochen haben wir die Zahlungsart SEPA für unsere Deutsche Kunden optimiert. Wir haben ein Deutsches Bankkonto und IBAN eröffnet, somit ist die Nutzung dieser Zahlungsart deutlich verbessert für unsere Deutsche Kunden und Nutzer. Anstelle einer Überweisung an ein ausländisches Bankkonto, in diesem Fall an die Niederlande, können Zahlungen jetzt direkt an eine Deutsche IBAN geschickt werden. Diese Änderung sorgt für ein größeres Vertrauen und eine schnellere Verarbeitung von Transaktionen.

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Huub Gelissen an 11 Juli 2017

API changes May—August 2016

August 2016

July 2016

  • Added the ability to create mandates through the API (if enabled on your account). This is especially useful when pre-existing mandates can be used instead of having to get a new mandate from the consumer.
  • Added the description parameter to the create payment refund endpoint. Use this parameter to add a description, which we will pass to the consumer when possible.
  • Added consumer details for the Belfius Direct Net payment when retrieving a payment.
  • Updated the payment method icons in list methods.
  • Changed the minimum for Bancontact to €0.02. You can use this minimum for setting upfirst recurring payments. If you want to use this minimum for regular payments, please contact us to enable this on your account.

June 2016

May 2016

  • It is now possible for consumers to change the language on our hosted payment pages. The locale selected by your customer will be stored in the payments resource’s locale property.
  • Added API key access to refunds top level endpoint. Use this endpoint to retrieve all refunds on the payment profile the API key is linked with.
  • Added mandate detail cardExpiryDate to credit card mandates.
  • Added OAuth2 parameters where needed and improved documentation for Issuers, Methods, OAuth, Payments and Refunds.
  • Added new user guide Recurring payments to explain how to get started with Mollie Recurring.
  • Added recurringType field to Payments API to support first and recurring payments.
  • Added new Customers Mandates API v1/customers/*/mandates that allows an application to find out whether a customer has valid accounts or cards that can be charged with recurring payments.

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Willem Stuursma an 01 September 2016

From the development department: Migrating to Composer at Mollie

logo-composer-transparentAt Mollie, we recently switched to Composer to manage our applications’ dependencies. Composer is an application-level package manager for the PHP programming language that provides a standard format for managing dependencies of PHP software and required libraries. Using Composer is considered a best-practice in PHP application development.

Before our switch to Composer, we managed dependencies by creating local copies of their repositories and including them in our application using Git submodules. Disadvantages of this approach were that it took a lot of effort to add a new dependency and that it was very hard to update the dependencies. In practice, this resulted in our developers creating their own solutions instead of using high quality open source packages and us quickly getting behind on whatever package we did manage to add.


We decided to follow Composer best practices. The required dependencies are configured in the file composer.json, which is managed by the Composer binary. The actual versions of dependencies installed in the application are stored in the composer.lock file, which is for that reason under version control. This way, when someone runs composer install, the installed dependency’s versions are always predictable. The dependencies themselves are stored in vendor/ and are not under version control. This is the recommended way to use Composer.

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Willem Stuursma an 26 Juli 2016

API changes January—April 2016

Occasionally, we will add new resources, new fields or new possible values to existing fields to the Mollie API. All changes will be documented in the API changelog. These changes allow you to do more with your current integration with Mollie.

In the first four months of 2016, we have launched new APIs to create a representation of your customers with us, added richer information to the credit card payment detail object and made API improvements that ease reconciliation of settlements.

If you have any feedback on our APIs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

April 2016

  • Added checkoutPreviewUrl preview URL to the links object in Get profile.
  • Added refunds top level endpoint. Use this endpoint to retrieve all refunds on your organization, instead of on a single payment. Requires an OAuth token.
  • Added payment detail cardFingerprint to credit card and Bancontact/Mister Cash payments. It is a randomly generated identifier for each card (unique per Mollie account) usable for identifying returning customers and fraud detection.

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Willem Stuursma an 01 März 2016

Allow your Dutch customers to pay online

The Dutch are generally a cosmopolitan lot with a strong international outlook. We all speak multiple languages, study, work and travel across the globe and buy abroad as well.

Figures released on April 6th show that in 2015 the Dutch spent over EUR 500 million at foreign online shops. This represents 3% of total online spending in the Netherlands and an increase of 16% compared to the previous year.

Almost a quarter of these purchases were made in China followed by Germany (16%), the UK (15%) and the US (12%).


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Remco Boer an 11 April 2016