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Mollie takes care of all technical and financial aspects of your payments, giving you more time to focus on your business.

// 1. Import the client and set your API keyconst mollie = require("@mollie/api-client")({  apiKey: "test_dHar4X",});// 2. Create a new paymentconst createdPayment = async () =>  await mollie.payments.create({    amount: { value: '864.00', currency: 'EUR' },    description: 'Trip to Croatia',    redirectUrl: 'https://frontwheels.com/aero-bike',    webhookUrl: 'https://frontwheels.com/aero-bike',  });// 3. Retrieve a paymentconst retrievedPayment = async () =>  await mollie.payments.get(createdPayment.id);

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