Growth is a mindset

We are the Founders of Growth

We are Mollie.
We were founded on the belief that everyone has the right to grow.
Therefore, we genuinely seek out what’s best for our customers, as well as for our people.
We encourage our people to take smart risks and embrace possible failures.
It lets us build world-class products that simplify complex financial services.
Our commitment to growth is our enabler to push the payments industry forward.
And it allows companies of all sizes to compete on better terms.
For us, growth is found in the notion of knowing that small things can make a big difference.
It’s rooted in our products, embedded in our culture, and it empowers us to take a critical view of the status quo.
Because payments should be effortless.
And growth should be for everyone.
Be loved. Be bold. Be authentic.
We are Mollie.
We are the Founders of Growth.

Be loved
We genuinely seek out what’s best for our customers as for our people. We treat each other with respect, just as we would with friends. That enables us to build world-class products that have an immediate impact on the path toward growth.

Be bold
We have the courage to take risks and challenge the status quo. We are not afraid to make mistakes and always strive to be the best versions of ourselves. We do things that are unheard of in our industry – simply because we know they are the right things to do.

Be authentic
We take pride in being our true, unconventional selves. We believe that every person matters and we all take a transparent and critical view on the status quo. We are courageous in making tough decisions and are aware that small things can make a huge difference.

We are a pioneer in the payment industry. We are also one of the fastest growing payment processors within Europe and facilitate companies of all sizes to scale and grow by using different payment methods. With the help of a simple and clear payments-API we can offer multiple payment methods in a uniform way. It’s our mission to become the most-loved PSP in Europe by simplifying complex financial services. We currently have nearly 100,000 customers in Europe and employ an international team of nearly 300 professionals. We are headquartered in Amsterdam and have offices in four other locations across Europe.

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