Everyone has the right to grow big.

We remove barriers for companies of all sizes to compete on better terms. We do this by offering convenient and reliable payments.

When we started we spearheaded the payments industry by introducing clever payment products which were easier, cheaper, and more flexible than what the rigid, cumbersome banks could do. Now, more than a decade later, Mollie is still building innovative products and working hard to make payments better.

We couldn’t do this without our excellent team. We have a clear focus on building a mixed aged team of inquisitive minds. All of them share a natural urge to work with exciting, new technologies and products. And we make sure that they get the opportunity to work with them to optimise workflows, work at the forefront of technology and, ultimately, build the future of payments.

Be loved
We are open, honest, authentic, transparent and non- political. We seek what’s best for our customers and treat people with respect. We do what’s right.

Be bold
We take initiative, are pragmatic, deliver quality and demonstrate consistently strong performance. We build scalable products to serve many costumers in an efficient matter.

Be authentic
We are critical of the status quo, willing to make tough decisions, take smart risks and are open to possible failure.

Join the future of payments

Mollie is always looking for new talent to join our teams. We’re looking for inquisitive minds with good ideas and strong opinions, and, most importantly, who know how to ship great products.

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