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Mollie B.V. is a licensed business specializing in processing online payments on behalf of merchants. As a payments service provider we make sure that your payments safely get to merchants. Does your bank statement mention Mollie or Stg Mollie Payments, or did you make a payment using one of our payment methods? Here you’ll find more information on your payment and the merchant it was paid out to.

In the last 30 days we’ve processed payments for more than 100,000 companies worldwide.

Use the search feature on this page to find more information regarding the payment you made through Mollie or Stg Mollie Payments. If you have any questions regarding your payment, please contact the merchant. On this page you’ll also find ways to contact the company that received your payment.

Please note! Creating a Mollie account is not intended for consumers. With an account it is not possible to request information about orders or payments. Use the form below 'Have a question about your payment?' for this.