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Sneaker reselling platform Restocks is scaling at speed. Discover how they're using Mollie to drive growth.


Rosefield is powering global growth by making luxury watches and jewellery affordable. Discover how they’re using payments with Mollie to drive their success.


A collaborative project to integrate Mollie with Salesforce Commerce Cloud has reduced refund queries by 90% at LaDress. Discover how Mollie is elevating the brand’s online customer experience.

Dr. Blend

“The feedback we get from our customers is what makes it all worth it for me. When someone tells us that they have had a great experience, I couldn’t feel more proud.”

Lounge Underwear

Create a product you’re passionate about, and success will naturally follow - at least, that’s the bestselling business book wisdom.

Doctor smiling

The German company, Praxisdienst, was a pioneer way back in 1953 when it was founded. It was one of the first mail order companies for medical products – and is now a successful Mollie merchant.


Many European customers were requesting a localised payment system. Snag switched to Mollie, as the outstanding one-stop solution.

Mollie helped Facetheory build trust with first-time buyers through offering familiar local payment methods.

Mollie helped Facetheory build trust with first-time buyers by offering familiar local payment methods.


“We couldn’t have grown as fast if we’d wanted local bike shops to carry our bikes.”

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