Always in control

In any business it’s essential to know what’s going on. Dashboard gives you all the insights you need, in real time and in a single place. Instantly exportable for every kind of accounting software. Exactly what you need to run a successful business.

  • Find any payment

    Find transactions quickly by searching for transfer characteristics like order number, payment amount, and customer name. And order your payments by date, amount or status. You can easily find out if a payment was collected successfully, has expired or was cancelled.

  • Speaks your language

    Dashboard speaks 4 languages. With support for Dutch, French, English and German, you’re never at a loss for words. It’s automatically set to the language you picked on our homepage, but can easily be adjusted in account settings.

  • Micromanage every transaction

    Manage payments and subscriptions straight from your Dashboard. Find all information about a specific transaction and handle refunds directly, with support for partial and extra refunds so you can choose who covers transportation and other added costs. Complete reconciliation and you can export everything to your accounting software.

  • Get notified

    We added notifications to Dashboard so we can keep you updated about ongoing processes without cluttering your inbox with emails. Notifications about credit card applications and bank account approvals happen inside Dashboard, and we can instantly notify you when we require you to send us more information.

  • Easily analyse everything

    A new and more descriptive graph gives you amazing amounts of info at a glance. And it automatically shows data for the corresponding previous time period. You'll be able to gather widespread insights and data on how your business is developing and find all the data you need to easily create year-over-year analyses.

  • Find data intuitively

    Statistics introduces an easier way of navigating time periods. Intuitively find in-depth information about your business's performance for every time period: single days, weeks, months, quarters, years, and even custom ranges.


Timesaving, moneymaking

Features should help you run your business more efficiently. So they do. Get less wrongfully blocked payments, save time on bookkeeping and no need to worry about safety. With our features, there’s less hassle and more time to focus on your business.