in3 lets customers make payments in 3 interest-free instalments over 60 days. With Mollie and in3, your customers can use their preferred payment method, iDEAL, to buy now and pay later. Currently in3 is only available to consumers residing in The Netherlands.

What is in3?

With in3, customers can spread payments into 3 equal instalments over 60 days without any interest or hidden costs. There is also no credit registration required. As a merchant offering in3, you only pay per successful transaction. And, 11 business days after the first customer payment, you will be paid out in full.

Merchants that accept in3 payments attract customers who buy more premium products. Existing in3 merchants have seen an increase of up to 30% in cart order values and 15% in conversions.

Customers are not required to register for credit - in3 covers any financial risk that may arise when offering customers the option to pay later, while customers get easy access to interest-free temporary credit.

You can find more information on in3’s Terms and Conditions here.

How does in3 work?

  • During checkout, the customer will select in3 ‘Pay in 3 instalments, 0% interest’ as their payment method
  • They’ll be redirected to an in3 hosted payment page where they’ll complete the iDEAL transaction as usual by selecting their bank

Checkout is quick and easy as customers do not need an existing in3 account. Customers can also track their orders, and view how much they can spend from the in3 app.

How are in3 payments processed?

Order Complete:
The customer makes their first payment when they place their order.

30 days after Purchase:
Customers need to make their second payment no later than 30 days after the initial payment. They can do so via the in3 app or the link in their reminder email.

60 days after Purchase:
Customers need to make their final payment no later than 60 days after the initial payment. Again, they can do this via the in3 app or the link in their reminder email.

Customers can always choose to settle the full amount due before the set 60 days.

What are the benefits of in3 through Mollie?

Simple, reliable payments
Using Mollie to accept instalment payments through in3 is secure, easy and reliable. Mollie’s Orders API simplifies the implementation process.

More choice for customers
Offering in3 gives your customers more choice and convenience. in3 also boosts conversion, increases repeat purchase rates, and encourages higher order values.

Transparent pricing and valuable insights
Mollie promises transparent pricing. You’ll also have access to crucial business insights via your own Mollie dashboard.

Find more information on this payment method in our help centre.

All major payment methods within reach

Whether you want to grow internationally or focus on a specific market, Mollie supports all major payment methods, so you can build your business wherever you want.