Mollie for ActiveCampaign

Unlock value throughout the marketing funnel
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June 19, 2022
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Mollie for ActiveCampaign

Mollie and ActiveCampaign have teamed up to help merchants deliver exceptional customer experiences and boost sales. ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, automation, and CRM tools needed to drive growth while Mollie provides you with effortless payment services and features that enrich ActiveCampaign’s functionalities.

With Mollie, you can automatically sync customer payment information and actions on ActiveCampaign and engage with them throughout the buying cycle and beyond to increase conversion, reduce churn and boost brand loyalty.

Why Mollie with ActiveCampaign?

Designed for ease of use and rapid installation, Mollie’s ActiveCampaign integration helps you:

  • Stay relevant to your audience: Whether your customers buy, subscribe or their trial period ends, strengthen your relationship with messages that stand out. Send personalised emails and show true customer love.
  • Increase your checkout conversion and boost loyalty: Help your customers finalise their purchase or engage with them after the checkout. Complete your customers’ buying cycle and automatically send the right message at the right time.
  • Get your customers’ profiles automatically updated: Whenever your customers complete a purchase, miss a subscription payment or ask for a refund, their data automatically maps to ActiveCampaign and a customer profile gets created or an existing one updated.

Einfache, flexible Zahlungsvorgänge

  • Multiple payment methods: Mollie provides you with access to a large number of locally relevant payment methods.
  • Nahtlose Zahlungsänderungen: Mollie unterstützt nahtlose Rückbuchungen, Nachbestellungen, Änderungen und Stornierungen. Die Prozesse sind vordefiniert und sofort einsatzbereit.
  • Automatic branding: Mollie automatically takes on the look and feel of your webshop, maintaining a consistent brand experience throughout the checkout process.


  • Mehrsprachige Unterstützung: Our multilingual customer service and technical support teams are on standby to support you. Each team member has extensive training and knowledge in our products and can give you clear answers in the unlikely event of set-up problems. For this integration, we have partnered with VYBRNT. Read more about VYBRNT’s support to get you started.
  • Automatic compliance: Mollie’s standards are exemplary, regulated and conform to global banking standards. Even when regulations change, you don’t have to do anything; you’ll always be compliant
  • Dashboard: With our Dashboard, you can add real-time data, insights, and reports and make well-informed business decisions on the fly.

Ein Preis, ein Vertrag

  • Transparente Preise: Take advantage of Mollie even if you’re just starting out. You only pay for successful transactions, saving you money on uncompleted or abandoned checkout fees. Read more about Mollie PricingRead more about ActiveCampaign pricing.
  • A single contract: To gain access to Mollie’s many payment methods, all you need is a single contract. Your contract does not lock you in; you can get started and leave whenever you like.

Jetzt loslegen

  1. Login to your ActiveCampaign account. If you don’t yet have an account, click here.
  2. Install the Mollie App within your ActiveCampaign account.
  3. Click to connect your Mollie Account. (If already logged in, you will be directed to an Authentication Code page).
  4. Upon logging into your Mollie account, you will be directed to an Authentication Page.
  5. You will receive a one-time authentication code. Please copy paste this into ActiveCampaign.
  6. In order to utilise the Mollie Integration with ActiveCampaign, you MUST go through the field mapping step.

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Unlock value through the marketing funnel