• Austria

    One of the most used payment methods in Austria.

  • 100% guaranteed

    Payments made with EPS are 100% guaranteed.

  • Real-time bank transfer

    The payment will be immediately processed.

  • One contract

    No other contracts required, everything is handled by Mollie.

What is EPS?

The Austrian e-commerce market is governed by Alternative Payment Methods, with bank transfer as the most commonly used payment method. EPS holds the position of most popular bank transfer payment method in Austria. Customers like to use the payment method, because it’s an initiative of the Austrian banks and Government.

How does EPS work?

  • The customer selects their bank from the list of participating banks.
  • After selecting the bank, the customer logs in to the online banking environment.
  • In the online banking environment the customer reviews the prefilled payment details.
  • If all the information is correct the customer authorizes the payment.
  • After the authorization the customer will receive a confirmation and the product will be send.

Benefits of EPS through Mollie

When you use Mollie to accept payments through EPS you get access to our clever yet simple API, built for both easy integration and handling high volumes. Our API and Dashboard allow for direct refunds and can export all your data to several different formats for your bookkeeper. Furthermore, our prices are very competitive and transparent.

Implementing EPS through Mollie is easy, there’s no lengthy signup process and we have free, open-source packages and plugins available for most coding languages and e-commerce platforms, which allows for easy integration into any project. Our prices are transparent; you only pay per successful transaction. Get crucial insights into all your transactions and statistics through the personal dashboard. Mollie is the quickest and easiest way to implement EPS.