Gift cards

Gift cards

Mollie allows you to quickly and easily accepts payments through gift cards from the most used suppliers. It only takes 10 minutes to start receiving payments and there are no hidden fees involved, you only pay for successful transactions.

What are Gift cards?

Gift cards are credit card sized smart cards that allow the giver to charge the card with a desired amount. The cards are generally to be used in specific kinds of stores or branches, like online stores, fashion- or entertainment stores, or theatres and cultural centers. Using Mollie, you can accept gift cards issued by all of the most used Dutch brands: Nationale EntertainmentCard, Webshop Giftcard, Podium Cadeaukaart, VVV Cadeaukaart, Fashioncheque and YourGift. You will need to have an agreement with these issuers, before you can accept their gift cards. When you are an authorised retailer, implementing gift cards as a payment method through Mollie is easy.

The Dutch gift card industry saw a 2-billion-euro turnover in 2014. Thousands of stores accept gift cards as a payment method, and many more shops sell them. Do you already accept them? Use Mollie to let your customers redeem them online as well.

How do Gift cards work?

Your customers can pay for their purchases, either partially or in full, with one or more gift cards. When you’ve activated the payment method in your Dashboard, your customers will find all the available gift cards in your checkout. After they’ve chosen their card issuer, they’ll be asked to enter their card number and, if required, the PIN which is found on the card and might be hidden beneath a scratch-off layer. The order price is deducted from the card’s original amount. If your customer has multiple cards, whether from the same brand or different ones, they can repeat the process. The same goes with any remaining amounts that still need to be paid. They’ll repeat the process and continue through the checkout using their preferred payment method.

Benefits of accepting Gift cards via Mollie

A single integration is all you need to accept the most used Dutch gift card brands. Our clever yet simple API ensures the integration is robust and built for volume. Our API and Dashboard allow for direct refunds and can export all your data to several different formats for your bookkeeper. And our pricing is honest, there’s no hidden fees at all, you only pay for successful transactions.

Implementation through Mollie is easy. There’s no lengthy signup process and we have free, open-source packages and plugins available for most coding languages and e-commerce platforms. You can be online within 10 minutes and can use our products for any project. And your personal Dashboard gives you crucial insights into all your transactions and statistics. Mollie is the quickest and easiest way to implement gift cards into your checkout.

All major payment methods within reach

Whether you want to grow internationally or focus on a specific market, Mollie supports all major payment methods, so you can build your business wherever you want.