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A 14% boost in conversion during checkout.

Thomas online marketeer at 12GO Biking.

In just under twenty years, a good idea from two college friends has grown into the largest bicycle shop in the Netherlands. Over 4,200 square metres of showroom and a webshop where more orders are placed every year. Things are going well, but there’s always room for improvement. That's why 12GO Biking started looking for another payment service provider. They chose Mollie. Online marketeer, Thomas Harteveld, was involved in the switch every step of the way. Since switching to Mollie, he’s seen growth on multiple fronts in 12GO Biking's online business.

Blue and red racing bikes in the 12GO Biking showroom

Galvanising trust

Many of the products sold on 12gobiking.nl cost hundreds or even thousands of euros. That’s a pretty big investment. That’s why 12GO Biking does everything it can to optimise its online shop. “You can see that in our design, service, safety and reputation. By giving our visitors the ultimate online experience, we strengthen the bond of trust. We want our online checkout to galvanise that trust. That’s where we make our money, so the environment has to be perfect.”

Employee takes new bicycle from vertical rack

“A trustworthy look and feel, the right options and a smooth process: all of these things can make or break the checkout experience. This was one area where we found a lot of room for improvement. Mollie helped us make a huge step forward, from one day to the next. Especially in terms of user experience. We immediately saw that reflected in the conversion rate.”

A few months ago, we switched to Mollie, and since then, we’ve already seen a 14% increase in the number of conversions in our checkout funnel.

Thomas Harteveld online marketeer at 12GO Biking
Close-up of chainwheel from red racing bike

Room for improvement

Around 5% of purchases at 12GO Biking are paid by bank transfer. Especially for higher-priced items. To complete their payment, customers receive a personal payment link by email from the service department at 12GO Biking. “It was actually a kind of Tikkie, but then by email,” explains Thomas, referring to a mobile payment app used in the Netherlands. “It was supposed to make the transactions super easy, but it didn’t really work out that way. Long story short: it was pretty clunky and the links were hard to work with.”

Left: start of test track in 12GO Biking shop Right: mannequin in black cycling outfit with 12GO Biking logo

“The payment link itself was often a stumbling block for our customers, because it forwarded them to a foreign IBAN. Lots of people didn’t trust that, so they contacted our customer service right away. Of course, we were then able to explain everything and smooth things out. But that’s not exactly the kind of experience we want to offer. Plus, it was costing our service staff an enormous amount of time. Now, since switching to Mollie, they can devote that time to more important things. Because with Plink, they offer us the perfect tool for payment requests.”

Employee inspects new racing bike

Side by side with Mollie

12GO Biking has been around the block when it comes to payment service providers. They’ve used various partners in the past to overcome the payment-related challenges. Thomas explains why Mollie is the best of them all: “First of all, because the terms were good and they offered a ready-made solution for our payment links. Second, they have always been there for us, so we’ve always felt a personal click. But, most of all, Mollie has a lot of experience working with companies that are in the same stage of development as we are. So they know exactly what we need to grow. The improvement in conversion that we’re seeing now is proof of that.”

Founder Thomas Harteveld in office with colleague
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