Enjoy the freedom to create any payment plan that fits your business, so you can effortlessly collect your recurring payments.

Create any payment plan.


Collect fixed payments from customers on a recurring basis.


Allow customers to pay variable payments on a recurring basis.


Charge customers variable one-time fees or purchases.


Use Recurring to allow customers to pay for purchases over time.

Easier than you’d think

Managing your recurring payments is easier than ever with our helpful features. Take your business to the next level with efficient tracking options, simple integrations, and more.

Create a mandate

Facilitate your customers with an easy first payment, using any of the payment methods we offer. After that, you are ready to collect payments recurrently without any effort.

Clear overview for efficient tracking

Handle your subscriptions and transactions efficiently with the clear overview in Dashboard. Features like the smart search option allow you to quickly find any data you’re looking for.

Endless integration possibilities

Easily integrate Recurring into your webshop with one of our packages or plug-ins. Rather code yourself? Just use our API to create your own recurring payments plan.

Trusted by more than 130,000 businesses

Every day a great number of webshops trust Mollie with their payments. Join them and drive conversions through effortless payments too.

We create impact with Europe’s easiest payments.