Effortless payments meets effortless recurring commerce

Mollie for Recharge

Mollie and Recharge have partnered together to bring subscription-based commerce businesses to the cutting-edge of innovation. Recharge’s integration with Mollie provides a recurring payments and subscription management solution in one place, enabling an easy to use, end-to-end solution.

This new integration allows you to easily implement subscriptions via Recharge, increasing Lifetime Value and Average Order Value. Recharge’s consumer facing parts of the solution are customisable, allowing for brand continuity and consumer trust. Mollie and Recharge are your perfect partners in growth.

Why Mollie with Recharge

Easy to use and integrated quickly, Recharge’s Mollie integration offers:

  • An end to end subscription solution: Easily integrate recurring payments into your Magento, WooCommerce or standalone webshops via Recharge’s APIs.

  • Ease of deploying and managing subscriptions: Quickly enable a subscription program, including adding one-time products, managing recurring purchases, skipping deliveries, or swapping product capabilities.

  • Retention suite: automatically retry payments if they fail and leverage the Recharge interface to automate smart dunning and winback workflows.

  • Enhanced customer experience: Create a better subscription experience by allowing customers to manage their own subscriptions via the customer portal. Send personalised transactional notifications to keep consumers in control and informed.

  • Analytics: Gain real-time insights into revenue, customers, and subscriptions to understand your customers and meet their needs in real-time.

Simple, flexible payments

  • Payments made easy: Offer a wide range of locally relevant payment methods and easily collect recurring subscription fees according to your business plan.

  • Smart dunning: Automatically retry payments for an invoice if the payment fails, avoiding subscriptions being cancelled by unexpected failures.

  • Seamless payment changes: Mollie and Recharge supports all kinds of payment changes from your customers. The processes are pre-built and ready to use.

Honest pricing, no lock-in contract

  • Transparent pricing: With Mollie, you only pay a fixed fee for successful transactions. With Recharge, choose your plan and pay a fee based on usage.

  • No lock-in contract: A fast and easy onboarding experience with no lock-in contract for either Recharge or Mollie.


  • Automatic, advanced compliance: Mollie and Recharge conform to the best global banking standards. Even when regulations change, you don’t have to do anything – you’ll always be compliant.

  • Multilingual support: Recharge is there to support you throughout the integration while Mollie’s multilingual customer service and technical support teams are available for any payment related queries you may have.

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