Subscription management and payments made simple.

Mollie for Chargebee

Mollie and Chargebee have teamed up to offer a subscription management and billing tool that offers exceptional payments, service and support. Chargebee’s integration with Mollie elevates subscription management and billing: providing an easy-to-integrate, out-of-the-box subscriptions solution that’s effortless to use.

The new integration allows you to accept all leading EU subscription payment methods in Chargebee almost instantly, making payments simple to drive sales and deliver exceptional service. Whether you’re a SaaS or subscription-based business, Mollie and Chargebee are your perfect partners in growth.

Subscriptions made simple

  • An out-of-the-box subscription solution: Create and manage subscription plans with ease

  • Infinitely scalable: Supports 500+ recurring billing use-cases to ensure you’re always future ready

  • VAT and tax automation: Send automated recurring invoices with accurate taxes

  • Easy integration: In your Chargebee account, go to the plugins page and install Mollie with a single click. You are now up and running

  • Multilingual support: Our multilingual customer service and technical support teams are ready to support you. With extensive training and knowledge of our products, they are always on hand with clear answers in the unlikely event of set-up problems

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Simple, flexible payments

  • All leading payment methods: Installing Mollie’s plugin offers immediate access to all leading subscription payment methods within the EU

  • Smart dunning: Automatically retry payments for an invoice if the payment fails, avoiding subscriptions being cancelled by unexpected failures

  • Seamless payment changes: Mollie supports seamless chargebacks, changes and cancellations. The processes are pre-built and ready to use

One price, one contract

  • Transparent pricing: With Mollie you only pay a fixed fee for successful transactions. Read more about Mollie Pricing

  • A single contract: You only need one Mollie contract and a Chargebee account to access Chargebee’s Mollie integration and all leading payment methods. Your Mollie contract does not lock you in: you can start and leave whenever you like


  • Automatic, advanced compliance: Mollie’s exemplary, regulated standards conform to the best global banking standards. Even when regulations change, you don’t have to do anything – you’ll always be compliant

  • Availability: Mollie guarantees 99.9% uptime

Compatible with our products:

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