Mollie allows you to quickly start accepting PayPal payments. It only takes 10 minutes to add PayPal to your website and you only pay per successful transaction - with no hidden fees.

Mollie allows you to quickly start accepting PayPal payments. It only takes 10 minutes to add PayPal to your website and you only pay per successful transaction - with no hidden fees.

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paypal pricing mollie
paypal pricing mollie


PayPal Fees + £0.10


PayPal Fees + £0.10

Frequently asked questions

How to accept payments on PayPal

  1. Open a PayPal business account

  2. Create a Mollie account via our sign-up page

  3. Activate your Mollie account

  4. Link PayPal to your Mollie account and log into your PayPal business account

  5. Start accepting PayPal payments on your website

What is PayPal?

PayPal is the most popular online wallet in the world, with over 400 million active users, of which 113 million are based in Europe*.

Why customers love using PayPal:

PayPal is a safe and convenient way for customers to make online payments and offers its users a high level of trust as they will never be asked to share any personal or financial details. And getting started is easy - all a customer needs to do is link a credit card or bank account to their PayPal account. When the time comes to make an online payment, they log in to their PayPal account, and authorise the required amount.

PayPal also protects its online buyers. In the event a customer does not receive an item they’ve paid for, they’ll receive a full refund.

Why merchants love using PayPal:

PayPal’s online protection goes both ways. Sellers are protected from unauthorised payments and unsubstantiated refund claims.

By offering PayPal, you could increase customer satisfaction, your NPS score, and conversions.

The usage of PayPal is quickly expanding beyond webshops to ticket-buying platforms, travel agencies and marketplaces.

*PayPal internal data, end of 2020

**Nielsen, 2020 and “Nielsen Media Attitudinal Survey of Germany” (January-February 2021) with 4,002 recent purchasers

How to receive payments on PayPal

Here’s how to accept PayPal payments on your website with Mollie:

  • To receive payments through PayPal, a PayPal business account is required. This account can then be easily connected to a Mollie account.

  • When customers choose the PayPal payment method, they’re forwarded to the PayPal payment page, where they log in to their PayPal account. Here, they choose one of the payment options linked to their PayPal account and authorise the payment.

  • Merchants receive instant feedback from Mollie when the status of the payment is known. The amount will be added directly to your PayPal account.

  • From there, you can transfer it to your bank account or pay using PayPal

Why add PayPal to your website through Mollie?

  • Offer PayPal and all major payment methods through a single integration and API

  • Our clever yet simple API makes the integration incredibly robust and is built for volume

  • Our API and Dashboard allow for direct refunds and allow you to export data in different formats for your bookkeeper

  • Easy implementation with a simple sign-up process

  • Free open-source packages and plugins for most coding languages and ecommerce platforms

  • Transparent pricing with low fees only for successful transactions

  • Your personal dashboard gives you crucial insights into all your transactions and statistics

Add PayPal to your website today

Mollie is the quickest and easiest way to implement PayPal. Simply sign up for one contract and one integration to offer PayPal and all other major payment methods.