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"When I look back at my proudest moment with Check, it’s actually leading the switch to Mollie. It’s made such a big impact and allowed us to improve almost everything that we do. And I know that no matter what we do next, Mollie will be there to help us."


Mobility-as-a-service firm Check Technologies is on a mission to reduce congestion in cities and make them more liveable. Using its custom-built platform and app, Check customers can access shared scooters and kick scooters in 12 cities across Germany and the Netherlands.

After launching with 160 scooters in Rotterdam in 2020, Check now has over 4,500 electric mopeds and 1,500 kick scooters that help users complete more than seven million journeys a year.

Mollie helped Check increase sales by more than 500%

The challenge

Despite launching their app and platform during the pandemic and lockdowns, Check grew quickly. But as they expanded, they realised their chosen payment service provider (PSP) wasn’t delivering the service they needed. 

These are some of the problems they faced:

  • Their PSP could not offer the variety of payment methods they needed across the markets they were present
  • It didn’t provide the correct reports
  • They couldn’t see the reason for payment failures
  • They had to create new invoices manually
  • They experienced a high fraud rate
  • The service and fees were expensive
  • The feedback on a payment status took too long

As well as helping them easily offer their European customers’ preferred payment methods, they needed a PSP that could provide custom reports and real-time data insights into their payments to keep on top of refunds, chargebacks, and payment failures. 

They also wanted a partner that could help them reduce fraud and notify them of any unpaid invoices or failed payments as soon as possible. 

So, not long after she started with the company, Check’s Finance Manager Annette de Graeff began to look at working with other PSPs. 

Check Finance Manager Annette de Graeff and Mollie Head of Sales Raymond Lansheuvel

“We had a lot of challenges, and we could no longer manually manage processes,” she explains. “It was creating a lot of work, and we were losing money. We compared almost all PSPs to find a partner who could simplify and improve our payments infrastructure. That’s how we found Mollie.”

Working with Mollie increased Check's conversion rate by more than 70% in Germany

The solution

After assessing almost every PSP, Check started to work with Mollie. Here’s how that has helped them:

Easily add payment methods

With Mollie, Check can quickly offer the payment methods their European customers prefer to use. 

“That’s really helped us,” explains De Graeff. “When we were expanding into Germany, we needed to offer PayPal, and we could do so almost immediately. 

“In Dusseldorf, we saw our conversation rate increase by 144% in just two months after starting with Mollie.”

Real-time data insights and reporting

The Check team also uses Mollie’s Dashboard and app to track and analyse real-time payments data, insights, and reports. That means they have easy-to-use tools to make refunds, identify fraud, and reduce the number of failed payments.

“It provides way more insights than we previously had,” says De Graeff. “I can see how many refunds and chargebacks we have and quickly assess how much revenue we drive through our offered payment methods. It’s a massive help when we’re trying to learn more about our customers or reduce fraud.”

Mollie reduced the cost per trip by more than 80%

Seamless invoicing and refund management

Mollie’s systems also allow Check to better manage invoices and refunds. One part of this is running background checks when they process refunds to ensure customers aren’t refunded more than they’re owed. 

“Previously, we couldn’t do those checks,” explains De Graeff, “and it’s vital that we do as we’re working with so many customers. Now we’re working with Mollie, I am 100% sure that we don’t lose money in this way.”

When someone signs up to Check, they choose their preferred payment method. Then when they get to the end of the month or have spent more than €25 on rentals, they have to pay for the service. If they don’t make the payment, they can no longer use the service until they do.

Check’s previous PSP took two weeks to notify them that a user hadn’t paid their invoice. That meant that someone could potentially use the service for free for a fortnight.

Mollie now notifies Check immediately when an invoice hasn’t been paid by credit card and tells them within two working days for other payment methods.

“It was a big problem for us in the beginning,” says De Graeff. “I believe our reversal rate was 10%. Now it’s 2%. We have also been working on it but that’s also due to using Mollie.”

Working with Mollie also allows Check to send a payment link to a user with an open invoice to get paid as quickly as possible.

The results

So, how has Mollie helped Check drive growth and improve what they do? 

  • Increased sales by more than 500% 
  • Increased their conversion rate by more than 70% in Germany
  • Reduced the cost per trip by more than 80%
  • Reduced reversal notification time from two weeks to two days
  • Can add payment methods quickly and easily
  • Get insights for customer insights and payment management
  • Can easily scale with no outages or issues

Reduced costs with Mollie

As well as offering the features and tools they needed to improve what they do, working with Mollie has also helped them dramatically reduce their payment costs.

“A big reason to move to Mollie was the reduction in costs and fees. We calculated it, and with Mollie we have reduced our reversal fee, fraud rate, and other expenses. In total, that has reduced our cost per trip by more than 80%.”

A stable and trustworthy payments partner

As well as the reduction in costs, De Graeff also appreciates the fact that they now never have to worry about their payments infrastructure. 

“Mollie has never let us down. No matter how much we grow, they can always handle the volumes – there is never an issue. We now do more than 600,000 trips a month, and Mollie is always stable. You can trust Mollie.”

Guidance and support

As well as this, Check’s team also loves their close relationship with Mollie – and the support they get along the way. 

“We were looking for a platform that could support us,” says De Graeff. “With Mollie, they worked with us to find a solution to our problems. It feels like they’re always there to help.

“In fact, we had to transfer all the customer mandates from our previous PSP to Mollie when we switched over, and the Mollie team did that for us. We didn’t have to do anything. And with Mollie’s help, we integrated the solution in just one sprint, so it was effortless.”

And what’s next?

After snowballing since launching, Check is now looking at expanding into more European cities – always with their usual focus on sustainable growth and improving mobility to make cities more livable. And when they do, they know they have the right payment partner to drive success.

“When I look back at my proudest moment with Check, it’s actually leading the switch to Mollie,” says De Graeff “It’s made such a big impact and allowed us to improve almost everything that we do. And I know that no matter what we do next, Mollie will be there to help us.”

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