Cookinglife has been a satisfied Mollie customer for ten years

René operational manager Cookinglife.

Online kitchen supply shop Cookinglife and Mollie are a perfect pair. You could even say, they grew up together. Both started their online adventure in the Netherlands before successfully expanding their platforms into neighbouring countries. And now, both are ready to take the European market by storm in the years ahead. Cookinglife knows that it can count on Mollie payment services. Because why would you want to change a perfect recipe for success?

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Convinced by convenience

Cookinglife founder, Sebastian Bakker, is an experienced entrepreneur who’s been using Mollie payment services for around ten years. “The accessibility, speed and convenience won me over at the very beginning. Mollie was still a real start-up at the time. Just like us. So we understood each other, and we still do. Because although we both followed our own path, we went through similar growth phases together.”

Mollie never stands still. They keep fine-tuning and expanding their payment services. And that helps us to keep moving forward too.

René Pieter de Theije operational manager Cookinglife
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A positive experience that keeps on giving

Today, a full decade later, Mollie is still the preferred PSP at Cookinglife. Sebastian isn’t surprised.. He’s simply completely satisfied with Mollie’s service and digital infrastructure. “In recent years, I’ve seen dashboards that seemed to date back to the 90s on a number of PPPs. Visually and in terms of UX not up to date. Mollie has continued to invest in the transaction platform. This makes it very complete, user-friendly and reliable. In addition, the high-quality API links and documentation are always up to date.”

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If we ever run into a problem or need support, we know we can get a specialist from Mollie on the line in no time. They know exactly who we are and what we need. That’s what’s great about Mollie. They’re an experienced fintech partner, but they’re still always within reach.

René Pieter de Theije operational manager Cookinglife

Cookinglife tests the waters in Europe

Cookinglife is currently in the process of an international expansion. After successful launches in Belgium and Germany, they’re now serving the rest of Europe with The company now reaches the entire continent through this English language domain. They offer the most popular payment methods for each country. So, for example, while the site offers Dutch customers iDEAL, a bank transfer service that is extremely popular in the Netherlands, Polish and Portuguese customers will see the payment methods that are most popular in their countries instead. Cookinglife has activated practically every international payment method that Mollie offers. Which means they’re actually receiving transactions using local payment services that they never even knew existed.

By testing the waters across Europe in this way, Cookinglife can also see how well their concept is resonating with consumers, and which payment methods people are most popular. It also helps them to collect a wide range of interesting metrics on each country, such as costs per shipment, average order values, return rates and the click behaviour of customers. These analytics help Cookinglife make the smartest choices for the next steps of its growth strategy.

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> “Why do I always recommend Mollie? It’s very simple: they really know what they’re doing. Their platform is extremely stable, everything works seamlessly and they’re constantly offering useful new options. There’s never any fuss. It’s simply everything you could ask for.”

René Pieter de Theije operational manager Cookinglife

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