With Mollie, we can take on Europe

Fabio Gronsveld — Commercial Director at Jamezz

QR codes are everywhere these days – even on the tabletops at your favourite restaurant, making it easy to view the menu, place your order, and even settle the bill. But QR codes aren’t just redefining the hospitality sector, but disrupting industries across the globe.  Jamezz, a leading platform for self-ordering in the hospitality industry, is one company that’s reimagining how QR codes are used in ecommerce – and they have big plans for the future.

“Our customers are always looking for solutions that go beyond digital ordering solutions to better manage their business, such as webshops, upselling and cross-selling, and loyalty programs. We’re working hard on features that will bring these two industries together,” says Gronsveld.

 “We’ve partnered with Mollie to make these goals a reality.”

Expanding into Europe and saving costs with Mollie

Founded in 2017,  Jamezz started off as a project between two friends. Since then, they've grown to 30 employees and now have a Dutch market share of around 50%. Jamezz has also merged with MynOber and works with an increasing number of larger customers, including the hotel chain WestCord.

Currently helping businesses scale in 15 different countries, the team at Jamezz don't intend to stop there. “We have plans to conquer Europe, and it’s critical to have the right partner to do this, “ says Gronsveld.  “With Mollie and just the click of a button, we’re able to offer our customers the most popular local payment methods, wherever they’re buying from. Payment methods like iDEAL in the Netherlands, Bancontact in Belgium, SOFORT in Germany, and many more. On top of this, Mollie’s Multi-Currency lets us process payments in over 30 currencies. This attracts new customers and helps us save on conversion fees.”

“With Mollie and Jamezz, customers can pay with almost any card –  in any country in the world!”

Bespoke transaction fees

Jamezz uses Mollie Connect, the easiest way for SaaS businesses to integrate payments. From onboarding customers in their own environment to connecting accounts, automating payouts and monetising payments. 

It took only five days for Jamezz to fully integrate with Mollie Connect. “Thanks to Mollie’s comprehensive documentation,” explains Gronsveld. “Our CTO, Sander Aerts, was so pleased with how simple this process was that he recommends the Mollie API Client to others.”

With Connect, Jamezz can charge the Mollie transaction fee directly to their customer – giving them control over how they manage their costs. “This removes any confusion in the payment (or the bookkeeping) process. Our details appear on the customer invoice – we can also decide on tailored pricing,” says Gronsveld. 

“Not only does this improve the customer experience, but also opens up new possibilities when it comes to the services we offer. Our goal in the future is to allow customers to access our backend where they can view a comprehensive overview of their transactions - all made possible by Mollie's integration options."

Quick and easy onboarding 

“With Jamezz, our customers have the option of adding a checkout to their solution. When they do, we often recommend Mollie, not only because of all the payment methods, but for the quick and easy onboarding process. Mollie authenticates customers while they onboard, so there’s no wasted time.”

Personalised customer service

Mollie helps grow business throughout Europe with local and international payment methods, easy onboarding and local customer support – evident in their Tech Partner Program. 

“We have a good partnership with Mollie, “ says Gronsveld. “Now that we’re focusing on moving into new countries, we’ve noticed the added value of a committed payment provider.”

“Mollie is very proactive: they check in with us regularly. We even have our own Partner Manager, which adds an element of personal contact.”

Mollie’s Tech Partner Program helps you grow your customer base, reach new markets and improve customer retention, with exclusive resources, marketing opportunities and dedicated partner support. See why over 450 partners trust us to maximise their success.

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