Our vision: clear drinking water anytime and anywhere, with technology.

Thomas Gombas founder of purgaty®.

Anyone who has ever travelled overseas has probably asked themselves at one point or another: ''Is it safe to drink the tap water?'' In many countries, the answer is ''No''. Access to high-quality drinking water from the tap remains a luxury that only a few industrialised nations can afford. Sometimes, you may simply not be sure. So, you may even bring six litres of bottled water with you on a weekend trip to cities like Rome or Paris. Now, there is an easier, more environmentally friendly option, thanks to the drinking bottle from purgaty®.

Fill it with water, push the button once and you’re all set.

Thomas Gombas CEO of purgaty®
Pure drinkiong water with the purgaty waterbattle during a mountain bike trip

The magic of UV-C sterilisation

Drinking-water at the push of a button? How would that work? The secret lies in technologies that have existed for 100 years already, says Thomas Gombas, CEO of purgaty®. ‘The UV-C technology was developed to disinfect highly sensitive areas inside hospitals. It is the only technology that can kill 100% of germs without using chemicals.

It has to be tested and it has to work, otherwise we won’t do it.

Thomas Gombas CEO of purgaty®

What’s new is that this technology can be used today to disinfect small spaces, such as a computer keyboard or, you guessed it, a water bottle. In the past, this process would have required the use of mercury-filled tubes. Now, LED lights, similar to the ones used in modern TVs and lighting systems, can also be used to generate UV-C light. As Thomas says, “What we’re doing is making ‘UV-C technology to-go’. We’re starting with a water bottle.”

purgaty drinking bottle in the lake

purgaty® one: The world’s smartest drinking bottle

At first glance, purgaty® looks like any other stainless steel drinking bottle. Yet, the trick lies in its lid (called purgaty® brain), where the water is purified within 55 seconds. “It was really important for us to put the best quality into our product and make sure everything is scientifically proven”, explains Alexander Thornton, Head of Marketing at purgaty®. And the science backs him up. A test report from the accredited research laboratory Eurofin confirms that the purgaty® one effectively sterilises water.

We provide ten- to eleven-times more LED power than other brands.

Thomas Gombas CEO of purgaty®

This product is ideal for travellers as well as for parents of small children. In the future, they might save time by using the purgaty® to prepare baby food instead of having to boil water. The product is currently undergoing testing to scientifically prove its effectiveness for preparing baby food, says Thomas.

Effortless payments with Mollie

The first purgaty® drinking bottles, which are being manufactured in Vienna’s 23rd district, will start shipping to customers in July. This is four months later than planned. ‘The coronavirus crisis hit us hard. Some of the crucial parts we needed were late in arriving’, says Thomas. But now, everything is ready. The first retailers are already on board, and the company’s own online store is now taking orders.

When it came time to find a suitable payment provider, purgaty® decided on Mollie. As Thomas says, “I simply asked around, the way I always would when I have a decision to make. I asked friends who were already using Mollie.” And what helped him make up his mind? “For me, it was important that the payment system also connect with our shop system and our inventory management system (Bill-Bee)”, says Thomas.

In addition to the simple integration and user-friendliness, Thomas says that the analytics options in Mollie are also a major plus. “As a CEO, I was focused on what I could get out of the system. So, I wanted to be sure that the analytics would be useful for our bookkeeping and tax advisors.”

The purgaty team from Vienna

Key technology for the future

Besides building its own B2C business, purgaty® also supports other companies with its expertise. “We are a technology supplier. And that is how we want to position ourselves in the future. Say you want to offer an air purifier with UV-C technologies. We can help make it happen. The company Dyson is a comparative example.”

Thomas believes that UV-C technologies hold great potential. “We are talking about a technology that can change the world. There are so many possibilities, we can’t even imagine it yet.”

> “Surfaces, air and water are our three areas of specialisation.”

Thomas Gombas CEO of purgaty®

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