We don’t want to have to worry about payments: we want good rates, great support, and to offer everything that our customers need. Mollie helps us do that.

Tim Imminga – Rosefield CMO/COO

Rosefield and Mollie: a success story

Many businesses have failed in their mission to make luxury goods affordable for the masses – the ecommerce landscape is littered with the spectral 404s of defunct webshops and bargain-bin reminders of companies that couldn't make the upscale accessible. But watch and jewellery maker Rosefield is one firm that has accomplished that goal, steadily building their brand and selling to more people all over the world.

Like most businesses, Rosefield’s tale isn’t one of only rising revenues and ringing bells. Instead, their story is driven by hard work, smart decisions, and driving wins by putting the customer at the heart of everything they do.

It’s also this dedication to levelling up and providing the best customer experience possible on their website that brought them to Mollie, but we’ll get into that a little later. First, to the beginning.

Launching the first Rosefield webshop

Rosefield’s story began in 2015 when founder and CEO Christiaan Bekkers saw a gap in the market for luxury watches sold at a modest price. Savvy about what he saw happening online, he used the influencer marketing boom to introduce the company’s initial collection of 15 watches to the world and spark sales from the moment Rosefield’s first webshop was launched.

Rosefield watches

“The sales began immediately,” explains Tim Imminga, Rosefield’s CCO/CMO, as we sit down together at a cosy coffee shop just a stone’s throw from the firm’s Amsterdam headquarters. “Influencer marketing was a big growth driver for us. And after two years of success, we launched our business-to-business (B2B) division and started selling to stores throughout the Netherlands, Germany, and France.”

Adapting the business for success

Rosefield’s product range expanded, they sold more, and their team grew. But after a few years of growth, hurdles appeared: influencers demanded higher fees; competitors multiplied. Their increasing B2B sales also meant their products were being sold in big chains at discounted prices or displayed in a way that didn’t marry with their affordable luxury message, damaging brand perception.

“Because of these things, we had to change how we operated,” explains Imminga, “we invested in more paid advertising and started to be more strategic – focusing on the quality of the stores that sold our products.” The team also launched Rosefield’s jewellery range in 2019.


Rosefield started with a collection of around 15 watches; now they sell more than 450 products. The Netherlands and Germany are their biggest markets, but they’re growing in the UK, France, Belgium, Japan, and Australia. They’re also expanding operations in the US and can ship to most of the world.

“Customers love us because of our eye-catching watch shapes: our square watches, and octagon and boxy cases,” explains Imminga. “We were one of the first brands to offer those at an affordable price range. Our products are also high quality – they last for years. And our personalised jewellery has been a big success.”

The future is personalised

A visit to the company’s HQ is a good indicator of the brand’s future direction. Mood-board murals spiral across walls in the upstairs offices; in the warehouse downstairs, artisans use desktop magnifiers and laser soldering machines to craft personalised necklaces and bracelets.

Rosefield personalised

“Our jewellery range provides around 50% of our direct-to-consumer sales now,” explains Imminga, “and 90% of the jewellery we sell is personalised. If we continue as we are, jewellery will be the bigger part of our business by next year.”

The heart of Rosefield’s mission – happy customers

As well as being a friendly and warm interviewee, Imminga is also a great ambassador for the brand. On our tour of the company’s site, he talks passionately about their aim to get “10 million women to wear a Rosefield watch or piece of jewellery by 2025” (they have about 3 million to go). It’s clear he loves what they do, how they do it, and the results – a customer experience that has secured a Trustpilot score of 4.4 and almost 1,000 positive reviews.

“For us, that’s what it is all about,” says Imminga. “The customer stories we hear – the people who get in touch and tell us how much they love their new watches or jewellery. It makes it all worthwhile.”

Rosefield jewellery

Rosefield and Mollie: a payments success story

This dedication to providing a great product and customer experience also brought Rosefield to Mollie. In 2019 they built a new website with development agency Code, who recommended using payments with Mollie.

“We spoke to three or four different payment service providers at that time,” explains Imminga, “but we had the best feeling about Mollie. They offered responsive customer support and account management, and we knew they had a good reputation.

“Checkout and payments are a vital step in the conversion funnel, so you need to know that you can get a response straight away if you need your payment provider. We always get that.”

Effortless payments with Mollie

Rosefield had been using another provider for some payment methods, but they moved everything across to Mollie to streamline their financial processes. “Mollie completed that work in just one morning,” says Imminga. “Things are always going really well – we’ve never had a problem. It’s so simple to add payment methods, and we can offer all the localised payment options that we need. That’s so important when you’re moving into a new market. And everything we need is offered at a good price.”

Rosefield watches

Rosefield are also set to start using Mollie’s Multicurrency feature to receive payouts in USD. “That will save us a lot of money,” Imminga says. “It’s great to see Mollie creating new products and services that we need, which will directly impact our costs and revenue. Multi-currency payouts will provide substantial savings throughout the year, and we don’t have to do anything for it – Mollie is taking care of it all.

“We don’t want to have to worry about payments: we want good rates, great support, and to offer everything that our customers need. Mollie helps us do that.”

As we finish our conversation and say our goodbyes, we’re already looking forward to hearing about that ten millionth customer – another satisfied Rosefield shopper proudly wearing a luxury item bought at an affordable price.

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