The restaurant experience is going digital.

Björn Wisnewski – Founder of SimplyDelivery.

Bon ‘app’-etit! Over the past five years, a food revolution has taken German cities by storm. No time to cook? Simply reach for your smartphone! A few clicks later and your order is on its way. Food delivery is now a billion-euro industry. For many diners, it’s become a part of everyday life. Björn Wisnewski was one of the pioneers of this megatrend.

Along with Ronny Rohland and Andre Wenzel, he founded SimplyDelivery in 2014. The coronavirus pandemic has greatly increased the number of restaurants joining the delivery boom. “We’re now starting to see the real benefits of our solution”, says Wisnewski.

Best of all, we’re completely self-financed.

Björn Wisnewski Founder of SimplyDelivery
Close-up of a food delivery driver holding up a paper bag to the camera. In their other hand is a smartphone.

Just a few steps to delivery success

SimplyDelivery offers restaurants a “fast, easy way to get into the delivery business.” The approach is simple. All the restaurant has to do is provide SimplyDelivery with some basic information and send in a copy of their menu. SimplyDelivery then creates the online shop, sets up the payment system and configures the app for the delivery drivers. There’s usually no need for the restaurants to even purchase any new equipment, because the SimplyDelivery software runs on both Android and iOS.

The only thing you need is a kitchen.

Björn Wisnewski Founder of SimplyDelivery

Training? Piece of cake! The last step is to publicise the delivery service and do some marketing. This is the biggest challenge for many restaurants. Yet, SimplyDelivery even takes care of these activities for any restaurant owners who don’t have time to build a social media following or set up a Google AdWords campaign. To reach even more customers, SimplyDelivery allows the restaurants to link with well-known delivery platforms like Takeaway (known as Lieferando in Germany).

All-in-one, hassle-free solution for restaurants

SimplyDelivery offers restaurants much more than just a delivery service. “There are lots of different options that we offer our customers”, explains Wisnewski. “Our single platform lets them manage all their sales, keep track of their inventory and even do their bookkeeping. That’s what makes us so unique. We are truly an all-in-one solution.”

With SimplyDelivery, restaurants have a one-stop solution for managing their business, instead of having to rely on multiple systems. This clearly sets the company apart from other providers. “Now, restaurants can concentrate on what they really want to do, which is to make really good food”, says Wisnewski.

Drafting website designs for a customer-friendly website.

Delivery time is key to success

Food delivery is not a new concept. Yet, what used to be a niche market has now become food for the masses. It is now a go-to dining solution for everyone from families and gamers to businesspeople having lunch in the office. The selection is just as diverse as the people who are using it. People have the choice of classics like pizza and kebabs, along with bento boxes and healthy salads of every description.

Many customers are even happy to reach deep into their wallets for their food delivery. “The average order value among our premium partners is around 80 to 100 euros”, says Wisnewski. He also notes that food delivery is becoming increasingly popular among older customers.

Being a restaurant owner is no longer just about food. It’s about entrepreneurship.

Björn Wisnewski Founder of SimplyDelivery

“The challenge for delivery services is that there are so many things you have to take into account. Your customers want their orders fast. There’s also no room to make any mistakes in the kitchen. Everything has to go smoothly and according to plan”, says Wisnewski. It’s also important to keep the delivery range relatively small. A common mistake among newcomers is to stretch themselves too thinly. Experts say that the order must be with the customer within 30 minutes, says Wisnewski.

Close-up of two hands in gloves, preparing sushi rolls. A woman enjoys a slice of pizza.

SimplyDelivery needs simple payments

“One of our customers recommended Mollie”, says Björn. User experience is a top priority for restaurants who operate an online shop. The last thing you want is to run into problems processing payments from hungry customers. ‘The great thing about Mollie is that it gives you a wide range of payment methods that work internationally. For consumers, it’s very easy to pay using the payment method they prefer’, says Wisnewski. Ease-of-use and transparency are the main reasons why SimplyDelivery decided to start its strategic partnership with Mollie.

“Simple handling is an absolute must for restaurants”, says Wisnewski. “They have no time to waste on processing and accreditation. That’s another thing that makes Mollie so great. The onboarding is extremely easy.” Some SimplyDelivery customers, including major restaurant chains like L’Osteria, Peter Pane and BurgerMe even insist on using Mollie.

Out of all the payment providers out there, Mollie is the easiest to use.

Björn Wisnewski Founder of SimplyDelivery

From Berlin to Doha

SimplyDelivery has experienced continual growth over the past few years. Today, its team of 37 employees concentrate on the company’s home market of Germany, along with Austria and the Netherlands. And the plan is to keep expanding. “We’re currently looking at which markets are a good fit for us”, says Wisnewski. Particularly, Eastern European countries like Poland are high on the list. Wisnewski also says that he sees Qatar as a small country with big potential. One thing is certain: the food delivery industry is here to stay, with or without the coronavirus.

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