The power of online payments

Activated in less than 15 minutes.


Transparent fees

Transaction fees only. No fixed or hidden fees. And no surprises on your invoice.

Real service

No call centers. Assistance provided exclusively by Mollie employees.

Start right now

Our flexible API is a breeze to integrate into your website or app.

Payment methods

International payments:
just one click away

You were selling locally this morning and need to go live globally this afternoon? No problem: we will connect the rest of the world to your site within minutes.

Does your business process a lot of payments? Please contact our team for special rates.

Real-time insight

What comes in, what goes out:
real-time statistics

For all of your team

Provide your team members with the access they need. For example, to allow your accountant to generate reports or to retrieve specific transactions.

Reconcile payments

Mollie makes reconciliation of payments easy. Eliminate the complexity in payments with just one provider that takes care of everything.


Bank-level security standards

Although we’re not an actual bank, we take money just as serious. Yours especially. That’s why we set the bar for securing our operation as high as we can.

Built on trust

Everything we do breathes security. From securing data to screening new hires. Customers can trust Mollie with their money and sensitive information.

Permanent supervision

The Dutch Central Bank sets high standards for the security, reliability and stability of payment institutions. Of course we meet those requirements, 24/7.

Industry standards

We are PCI DSS certified. This shows the level at which we handle transaction security for merchants and consumers alike.

Ultimate data protection

We guarantee your data is on European servers in extremely well protected data centers watched over by our NOC team.

Mollie API

Get your payment channel going in just a few lines of code. Use the innovative Mollie API.

You want to make online payments as easy as possible for your consumers.
So we want do the same for you. Check out our ready-to-go modules.

Even more reasons to choose Mollie
Across devices

We make sure your payments consistently yield the highest conversion. Our API and payment screens work on every device.

A single account

Even if your company has different devisions, sites or brands we provide one account to manage all your payments.

Continuous Insight

Keep an eye on your payments all the time and wherever you are using your mobile phone.

Smart notification

Need specific alerts? Easy. Receive email or text alerts for the payments and events you want.

No-nonsense Service

Our product is built on service. Your calls are answered by people that understand your question and solve it for you.

Mollie API

Developers can easily access and integrate all of Mollie’s features and data using our powerful API.

The book keeping

Connect your transactions to your book keeping system. Export all your data automatically or manually in many different formats.


Don’t worry if an order can’t be fulfilled, you can refund your customer in just a few clicks.

Fraud monitoring

Automatic fraud prevention screening of all transactions provides full protection against fraud.