Descartes pixi

Descartes pixi

A single solution for managing all your orders

Mollie for Descartes pixi

Manage your orders in one place - easily - with Mollie’s integration with pixi. What’s more, no extra steps or installation are required as our integration is centrally hosted, and always kept up to date.

Whether you need to verify, process, cancel or refund an order, the Mollie- pixi -APP helps you deliver a superior customer experience in the process.

Mollie streamlines all your payments, while pixi completes the processes of picking, packing, shipping, to reverse logistics management.

Why Mollie x pixi?

Mollie is on a mission to become the world’s most loved financial services provider through simple and trusted payments. That’s why Mollie and pixi have teamed up to help you manage all your orders with:

  • A single view of all your orders, shipments and cancellations.

  • Easy integration, with real-time syncing. Sync your Mollie payment statuses with pixi. As soon as a transaction occurs, you’ll get notified so you can ship on time.

  • Efficient returns, so you can reduce the time you spend on managing returns and refunds. Automatically process full or partial refunds via Mollie.

  • Streamlined order changes. Avoid delays and bottlenecks in your order management by making it easy for shoppers to add or remove items from their orders. Easily manage partial cancellations and add credits to existing accounts.

  • An out of the box solution with no additional effort required. Configure your Mollie -pixi -APP settings to complement your existing business processes. For example, set up automatic email triggers in the event of shipment delays.


  • Leading payment methods: the Mollie -pixi integration supports all leading European payment methods, offering a shopping experience optimised for conversion.

  • Your customers’ preferred ways to pay: during checkout, we’ll show customers the relevant, popular payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Klarna and more.

  • Easy onboarding: enjoy a seamless onboarding experience so you can get paid quickly.

  • Seamless integrations: we actively partner with over 80 ecommerce and SaaS businesses, so you can focus on running your business.

  • Branded checkout for more conversions: whether you’re looking to code, or plug and play, we have all the tools you need to easily build an on-brand checkout experience that drives conversions and inspires customer trust.

Transparent pricing and no lock-in contracts

  • No lock-in contracts: with Mollie, there’s no catch. Join whenever you want to - and leave whenever you need to. There are no lock-in contracts or hidden costs - you only pay for successful transactions.

  • Read more about Mollie Pricing. This integration and configuration are built via iungo. Read more about iungo’s flat-fee pricing.

Get started with Mollie x pixi

  1. Visit Iungo and create a Iungo CP Account

  2. Connect your Iungo CP Account to the pixi API through your account settings

  3. Configure email notifications so you can get notified of any possible errors

  4. Book the Mollie-pixi app

  5. Configure the Mollie-pixi app according to the steps outlined in here

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MollieIntegrationsDescartes pixi