Choose the best payment gateway for BigCommerce

If you’re reading this article, you’ve already done the hard part: created your business, built the rocket ship, and are almost ready for launch. But before the countdown, let’s help with one final piece of the puzzle that can help take you stratospheric – payments.

Yes, building your ecommerce site on BigCommerce offers many advantages for your business, including a range of out-of-the-box tools to drive success. But to ensure you’re getting the best conversion possible to sell as much as possible, you need to integrate with the best payments service possible. That means choosing the best payment gateway.

So, in this article we’ll explain what the best BigCommerce payment processors should offer your business and what things you should consider when choosing a payment service provider (PSP) to partner with.

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What is a BigCommerce payment gateway integration?

A BigCommerce payment integration helps you accept payments on your BigCommerce store. The plugins are usually created and maintained by a payment service provider (PSP). The best providers will allow you to offer a conversion-boosting checkout page, all the payment methods your customers need to drive sales, and other features and benefits to improve your business.

How to choose the best payment gateway for BigCommerce

The best BigCommerce payment providers will help increase your conversion rate and maximise sales. When choosing a PSP, think about these things:

– Payment methods

– Cost

– Ease of integration

– Security

– Seamless payments and refunds

– Market expertise and localisation features

– Single-click payments

– Simplified subscription payments

– Other benefits and support

Payments methods

What usually happens when a shopper on your site can’t find their favoured payment methods when they go to pay? They leave without making their purchase. Making sure you can offer your potential customers their preferred choice at checkout is vital to helping them complete the sale, so the PSP you choose needs to provide the best payment methods for your business and should allow you to add them with just the click of a button.



Cost is a crucial factor when choosing your gateway service. Compare the costs of the different BigCommerce payment options to see which offer the best (and most transparent) pricing. This will help you keep costs down and allow you to forecast and easily understand the processing fees you pay.

The best PSPs will always ensure their pricing is transparent, won’t charge you costs for failed transactions, and offer flexible contracts, so you’re not locked into using them for a set amount of time.


If you’re selling online, you must offer secure payments and protect your customer’s sensitive information. A good PSP will ensure you comply with the relevant regulations and offer fraud protection measures. If you’re operating in Europe, ensure the integration you want to use is PSD2 compliant.

Ease of integration

Avoid delays or problems with your payments by choosing a provider that already offers a BigCommerce integration. That means you can easily add them to your site through the settings on your account.

Seamless payments and refunds

It might go without saying, but the best BigCommerce payment providers will make payments simple. Of course, that means providing a reliable, stable platform without issues or downtime. But it also means helping you manage your payments, including refunding customers, as easily as possible.

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Market expertise and localisation features

The best payments partner is the one that has experience in the markets you sell into and can help you scale internationally with ease. If you partner with the right PSP, they should also be able to offer localisation features that ensure your conversion is as high as possible by automatically showing your customer’s preferred currency and payment options at checkout.

One-click payments

Shoppers who experience friction in the checkout process are much more likely to abandon their purchase. So the right payment provider will offer features to help make completing a purchase as easy as possible for your customers. That includes allowing you to securely store your customers’ credit card details so they can make card payments in just one click during future purchases.

Simplified subscription payments

As well as making one-off payments simple, the right payment gateway should also offer everything you need for subscription payments. That includes safely storing their bank account details so you can take recurring payments from them as required. In Europe, that’s often done through the SEPA Direct Debit scheme.

Other benefits and support

Making sure you’re offering the best payment methods and an effortless checkout process is the minimum a good BigCommerce payment gateway should provide. But the best PSPs also offer much more than this, including various benefits and features to help you grow your business. This includes multilingual support teams that understand your markets and a range of advanced payment features.


Effortless payments with Mollie

At Mollie, we’re officially a BigCommerce preferred technology partner. That means we work directly with the platform to offer online businesses an outstanding, localised ecommerce experience – from first touch to checkout. You can access our simplified, easy-to-use payments gateway through the payment settings in BigCommerce.

Here’s what Jim Herbert, GM and vice president of BigCommerce in EMEA, says: “Our partnership with Mollie further illustrates our commitment to providing ecommerce businesses access to the highest-calibre technologies and service providers available in the industry.”

So what does using BigCommerce and Mollie offer you?

– Leading European and global payment methods

– Higher conversions with Mollie Components

– Manage your subscriptions with BigCommerce Subscriptions

– Support for full and partial payment refunds

– Transparent pricing with no hidden fees and no lock-in contracts

– Human, multilingual support teams across Europe

– Manage payments with the Mollie Dashboard and app

– Localisation features to boost conversion

Start growing your business with Mollie and BigCommerce, or learn more about payments with Mollie.

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