Increase your conversion through maximum reliability with Mollie Components

Mollie Components allows you to increase your conversion rates for credit cards during checkout. This makes one of the biggest conversion killers a thing of the past: redirecting consumers as soon as the payment process begins. Mollie Components solves this problem with a solution that’s easy to implement.

A more pleasant payment experience

Mollie Components gives your clients a more pleasant payment experience because it seamlessly connects to your checkout. Until now, customers paying via credit card were redirected to another URL, something that can make them uneasy. As soon as a customer begins to doubt, then there’s a big chance they will cancel the payment and fail to complete their order. With Mollie Components, your customer stays on the same page, making the payment process much smoother. In turn, completing payments becomes easier and because of this, more trustworthy. Additionally, your checkout also takes on the design of your webshop, giving it the same look and feel.

Available for everyone

At Mollie, we’re always searching for solutions that make the payment process as easy as possible, and safe. Mollie Components makes use of credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, and because of this, you’re automatically compliant with PCI-DSS. All sensitive information about your clients stays at Mollie and doesn’t land on your servers. This means you don’t have to take on responsibility or worry about putting your own processes in place.

Next to this, we think a solution like this should be easy to implement and available to everyone, whether your company is big or small. This is why we’re offering this solution to all our clients, not just large enterprises. And again, it’s really easy to activate.

How do I activate Mollie Components?

1. Go to your shop system’s backend.

2. Update your webshop system’s plugin.

3. Activate Mollie Components.

Need more help on how to do this? Take a look at our step-by-step explanation in our Help Center, but in reality it’s just as easy as activating a new payment method in your Mollie Dashboard.

Implementing Mollie Components with our API

You can also further customise your checkout to better fit your brand. This requires some adjustments to your code, alternations that are explained in our documentation. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to implement Mollie Components with our API. We’ve collected and implemented all the feedback the developers who built the plugins for us for various webshops had, and because of this the whole process is transparent and simple.

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