Mollie and Xentral join forces to smoothen ecommerce payments and ERP processes

Mollie, one of the fastests growing payment service providers in Europe, and Xentral, the German thought leader in lean ERP systems, are launching their collaboration with immediate effect. In the process, Augsburg-based scale-up Xentral will integrate Mollie's comprehensive payment services into its multichannel ERP platform. The partnership between the two e-commerce tech leaders creates a solution for SMEs that makes both the payment and order management process easier and smoother, significantly supporting the growth of numerous e-commerce businesses. The new service is available immediately to all current and future customers of Mollie and Xentral.

“Automated processes between e-commerce platforms, warehouses and accounting systems have long been standard. That’s why it’s important to use a payment service provider (PSP) that is also directly integrated with an ERP system,” explains Annett Polaszewski-Plath, Managing Director DACH at Mollie. “The partnership is based on concrete customer requirements. In addition, both companies share similar visions: Mollie wants to simplify the payment process for small and medium-sized businesses, while Xentral centralizes all business operations in one platform for precisely these companies, making them as simple and streamlined as possible.”

Mollie x Xentral

__Merchants benefit several times over __

Merchants benefit from the partnership in several ways: they save time and have a better overview of cash flow and their merchandise management. At the same time, their own customers are offered the most common payment methods in Europe.

Stephanie Richheimer, VP Sales & Partnerships of Xentral and Ex-Mollie underlines: “Xentral and Mollie are both pioneers in simplifying complex processes for innovative e-commerce companies. In doing so, each of the two companies has a unique focus: fast-growing e-commerce businesses are made easily scalable by Xentral, and with the integration of Mollie, challenges in connecting disparate payment services are now a thing of the past.”

Mollie x Xentral

With this integration, merchants can connect Xentral’s order management functionality to their Mollie account. This allows for automated reconciliation of orders based on transaction data, significantly reducing the effort required to process orders from many different sales channels. The integration is provided by Xentral with active support from the Mollie partnership team.

As a result, customers have access to enterprise software that flexibly grows with any future needs – enabling smart and efficient growth decisions. In a highly volatile environment, this partnership addresses exactly the emerging need for data transparency and efficient processes that Mollie and Xentral customers want for their business success:

“Most Founders know that data transparency and efficient processes are critical factors for their success, especially in multichannel e-commerce. For this reason, Mollie is the logical next step after the introduction of Xentral, providing the new tech stack of choice for growing an e-commerce business,” emphasizes Stefanie Richheimer.

In addition, the partnership offers maximum security: Data exchange between Mollie and Xentral takes place via Mollie Connect, which is PSD-compliant. This means that all data is encrypted, accounts are provided with individual tokens, and access permissions are limited.

“We partnered with Xentral to provide our e-commerce customers with a streamlined order management process,” explains Annett Polaszewski-Plath. “As of now, Mollie and Xentral are the first choice for e-commerce businesses that want an even smoother payment and ERP process.”

# About Xentral

Xentral is a lean ERP cloud software that bundles business processes in one place for startups and SMBs – from e-commerce to warehousing and production to fulfillment and accounting. Simple, intuitive and flexible, with more than 1,000 features and interfaces to all popular tech tools, Xentral ERP allows any business to digitize and automate their individual processes step by step. Xentral takes the hurdle of daily repetitive tasks away from its customers and creates an environment in which companies can grow safely and sustainably.

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